Friday, May 23

Friday Finds #93

This week I found...
1  //  this image I came across on tumblr that really made me start pining(no pun intended) for a cabin trip, 
2  // this leather madewell tote that is just pure perfection,
3  // these vintage bowls in a set that I really just want stacked on my open shelving in my kitchen
4  // white birkenstocks. the end.
5  // this luminizer that I've been hearing great things about and am curious to try out,
6  // green bean fries that really look amazing and pretty easy to make as well,
7  // this quote that I've made my wall paper recently and really need to remember constantly,
8  // you can't tell from the pictures, but this is homemade hazelnut milk.  sounds so yummy!
9  // this lovely tassle necklace is just the thing I've been looking for lately. it needs to get in my closet,
10  // and lastly these darling bud vases from etsy are the perfect addition to my studio shelf upstairs. love.

What is inspiring you this week? how is the weather for you? It's that perfect balance of warmer days and cooler nights right now. The calm before the storm, or in our case, the last bit of cool air before the sweltering heat of Summer that's on it's way.haha

I hope you've been having a good week so far, and that you find something fun to do this weekend! Weekends are for fun, and messes, and splurges in one form or another. okay I'm shutting up now.haha bye! 
xo, Emily

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  1. I love Fridays on your blog. Such pretty pictures, and the hazelnut milk sounds so good! That would go right into my coffee :)

  2. Oh, Fridays really are days for inspiration :)

  3. I love those birkenstocks! They are the comfiest footwear.

  4. Number 7, I want this on my wall. :)

  5. The green beans in your post made me think of a roasted okra recipe I saw recently. I'm craving okra so bad.

  6. i LOVE those white birkenstocks! WANT.

  7. Ermahgerd, I love that kind of sandals... buuuuut they make my feet look even bigger! (I wear a woman's 10 and my feet are super thin -.-).
    And those bowls are just to die for!

  8. Love that quote! And just what I needed!

  9. Love the bowls and the green bean fries look so yummy :]