Tuesday, April 1

What I Wore // Spring earth tones and a little review

First things first, congratulations to the winner of the Golden Tote Giveaway, Steffi H! Check your email girl! To everyone else who entered thank you so so much, and don't forget to check out the post again for more details about Golden Tote because the April Sale starts on the 7th! (I'm wearing one of my shirts here:))
Hey friends! I'm just going to jump right into what I wanted to mention briefly today since I've had so many people asking about what I recommend as far as my go-to baby products, what I keep in my diaper bag, about my choice of diaper bag itself and so on, and since I the designer diaper bag I use every day and adore has the appearance of a fabulous purse I thought I might as well tell you a bit about it today! 
 As you can see there are no kids in sight because Martin and I were on a date, but this isn't the kind of diaper bag that I leave behind just because I don't have the kids with me. I simply pull out the inner bag stuffed with all the baby gear because it's self supporting on it's own, and I still have all the inner pockets in the purse that hold my wallet, keys, makeup, etc that I need with me, kids or no. I suddenly have two bags in one now, and I save so much time not having to transfer thing back and forth to different purses, and I never forget things any more!
 I'm still planning on doing an updated "what's in my baby bag' as you've been requesting since before Lydia was born (sorry!) in which I'll go into more detail, but I couldn't post an outfit with this bag without telling you a bit about how it all works, I'm just too obsessed what can I say:) Also hello I've already gone through three diaper bags with my four babies, and none of them double as a purse that has the design and quality of this one that enables me to use it long after my babies are grown. I couldn't be more in love with a bag. haha
Top to Bottom: necklace: c/o wild butterfly boutique // top: c/o golden tote (similar, similar)// pants: c/o choies (similar, similar) // bag: c/o lily jade // heels: guess (from tj-maxx) (similar, similar)

 Oh one big thing I wanted to mention too about the bag is that there's a huge sale going on right now, and the bags are marked down from $335 to $260! The sale won't last too much longer though so hurry over and take a look, but be warned you probably won't be able to leave without ordering:) love love love. Thanks for visiting!
xo, Emily 

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  1. Replies
    1. thanks so much! such a fun contrast from the regular black leather, so perfect for all year round too I think.

  2. Yup! I love this one. So... elegant!

  3. I love this look! Especially the bag and heels! And I love that you use this whether you're with the kids or not, it's such a great bag!


    1. Thank you so much! it is amazing and I'm pretty blown away, even Martin is impressed and keeps saying how it's like the fararri of baby bags.haha Thanks for your comment!

  4. You are so gorgeous! Would you PLEASE do a tutorial on how you got this perfectly-unperfect ponytail! I have been trying to make this look FOREVER and it always seems to fall flat (literally)

  5. Those shoes are lovely. I want a pair for spring!

    Miranda xx |

  6. girl this looks is fabulous! you look phenomenal with messy hair (i'm such a messy hair lover ... probably too much though, i'm sure my friends wonder whether i have a hair brush). :)
    oh sigh* just perfect as always emily!
    love, andrea

  7. I love these shoes and those pants!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. Hey Emily! I (hope!) think that I'm the Steffi H. that just won the Golden Tote giveaway! I'm super excited (assuming that it's me, because I would be flabbergasted if you have another Steffi H. that follows your blog), but I do not have any exciting messages in my email inbox. I don't know of another way to reach you other than by commenting, so I hope that you read this. My email address is if you can try to send it again! (If I am not, in fact, the winner of the giveaway, then I am super sorry for making myself look like a crazy fool by commenting to you!) Thanks a bundle!

  9. Perfect pants and shoes! You look great!


  11. I'm in love with those pants! The whole outfit is great too! Can you just tell me what to wear everyday? Haha!

  12. Your hair is always so beautiful! I also love the fitness motivation that you give :)


  13. I've been wearing a similar color scheme, now I feel like I'm doing something right! HA! I'm missing the bag, though. Hmmmm. :)

  14. The perfect ponytail <3 You're beautiful !

  15. Just love this outfit!! Its gorge!!

  16. I adore this entire look, from the stunning hair color down to the toenail polish! :)