Friday, April 18

Friday Finds #90

This week I found...
 1  // this asymmetrical nude blouse with leather around the neck. Love this color so much right now! 
 2  // these linen cloth napkins in light grey. napkin perfection:) my fabric of choice right now is linen
 3  // this recipe for chai banana cake with some whipped cream on top. looks so tasty! 
 4  // this pillow from modcloth with the constellations all together, I'd love this for John's room 
 5  // this luminizer from rms beauty that has the perfect pearly sheen. love it
 6  //  I love this woven chain necklace with graduated chain. the turquoise color is spot on too. 
 7  // this beautiful geometric vase made of concrete. I'll take about 6 of them for the kitchen
 8  // this amazing looking recipe for roasted asparagus with hollandaise. one of my favorite combos!
 9  // the jane austen handbook needs to be on my etiquette shelf in the library
 10  // these  comfy looking salt water sandals by hoy shoes. I'll take one in every color please? :)
 11  // this set of natural agate coasters are perfect, especially with the gold-toned edges. need them 

We've been Spring cleaning a lot over here and I've had days this past week of feeling so overwhelmed that I just have to load the kids up and go for a drive to get my mind off of all the goals and things. What are some ways that you keep your imagination under control? haha Please share!Take care my friend:)
xo, Em
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  1. I've been doing spring cleaning and yard work too! I usually keep my imagination under control when I read a book that you can't put it down, yoga, working out, and just a walk in the park if it's warm around. Hope you have a Happy Easter!

  2. I love love love these colors - these taupe, white, beige, latté colors are exactly what I'm having at our wedding!

  3. I have almost the same coaster and I just love them <3

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