Friday, April 25

Festival Hair Week: The Perfect Messy Bun

Hi my people! Today's style really is the perfect messy bun, and just happens to be the bun that I do on my own head just about every single day. I put out a tutorial last year that I called the 10 second top-knot because it was so incredibly easy and took me about ten seconds, but this one is the even faster version of that! hallelujah.haha
I'll for sure be doing a video of this one very soon just so you can see how easy it is since I know that the pictures may be harder to understand. For now however, I hope you give it a try and love it like I do! I knew this had to be included in the Festival Hair Week because it's such a classic messy top-knot and it has such an easy effortless look about it. So now lets get to the tutorial:
Tools & Supplies: 
 dry shampoo // a hair-tie // bobby pins // hair spray // optional headband or scarf

Steps 1-3: start with 'old' hair or spritz on a little dry shampoo for some texture. scratch your head a bit to loosen up the hair from your scalp and (1) use your fingers to comb your hair up into a high ponytail. (2) use two fingers to loosen the hair around you hair line and tug free some fly away's for a more effortless look. holding the ponytail in your right hand, (3) pull a hair-tie over the hair with your left hand.
Steps 4-6: (4) With your right pull the hair nearly all of the way through the hair-tie, but (5) leaving a few inches in. Twist the hair-tie once with your left hand, and (6) use your right to shove all the hair into a ball into your left hand. 
Steps 7-9: (7) Pull the hair-tie over the knot with your right hand (8) and release, and voilĂ ! Now (9) use a couple bobby pins to secure the sides down a bit if you'd like, and spray with a little hairspray to finish up! 
As you can see I show the bun wrapped in a vine of faux flowers and also used a bandanna as a headband, but of course I wear it plain every day so you dress it up however you want:) Also remember that with the volume, that I can pull the bun apart and tug the hair out and have it stay looking so full because of the dry shampoo. It really adds a lot of good grip! 

I'm always here for any questions that you may have in trying out this or any of my styles, and thanks so much for visiting and reading!
Take care today peeps,
xo, Emily

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  1. wow so beautiful!
    xoxo from switzerland

  2. I think you have such beautiful hair, your hairstyle posts are so inspiring.
    Also, you have a lovely family.
    So glad I found your blog!

  3. This looks so pretty! I absolutely love it!

  4. Seeing your festival hair posts really makes me want to grow my hair as long as yours. It's so beautiful!

  5. Oooo Lala! So pretty! I love the messy bun, but you took it to a whole new chic messy bun level. I'm going to try this! Thank you for sharing!

    That Comfort Girl

  6. Stunning! Your hair is so beautiful! Xo

  7. Do you use the colored batiste dry shampoo? I recently dyed my hair dark and my dry shampoo is really hard to rub in now!

  8. Magnifique !
    I think it's a classic and timeless hairstyle, for every age :)
    I Like also your hair color, maybe when I'm older, I try it :p
    I do the same for my buns. But I have little hair who coming out of my messy bun.
    So it is not easy to do it :/


    ( sorry if I made english mistakes, It's not easy for me to lear a new language... It try my best )

  9. This is hands-down the best how-to I've ever read for a messy bun! I have very fine hair that usually makes a pitifully small bun. I followed your instructions here and, boom! The most beautiful bun of my life. I even took pictures and sent them to my mom and sis!

  10. Where did you get those adorable flowers you put in your bun? Are the secured?

    Wich my hair was this thick so it looked so good in a bun like yours!!


  11. Where did you get the adorable flowers you put in your bun?


  12. Thank you! I have very long hair and this is the first tutorial I've found that works for me. Thanks again!

  13. Thank you! I have very long hair and this is the first tutorial I've found that works for me. Thanks again!

  14. Thank you! I have very long hair and this is the first tutorial I've found that works for me. Thanks again!