Friday, March 14

Friday Finds #88

This week I found...
1  // this flowy cashmere and silk scarf, that's actually on sale but still a little high for me, as a scarf addict
2  // this etsy shop that carry's awesome succulent planters. I need like a dozen of these.
3  // this lovely kate spade necklace. I'm really getting into more of the big dramatic necklaces lately
4  // this alpaca sweater with leather elbows. It's actually a mans sweater but those are the comfiest! :)
5  // a friend recommended this album to me this past week, and I love just about every song on it. 
6  // this idea from pinterest for a DIY maybe? I think it'd be perfect on John's room wall
7  // this amazing looking recipe for smoked salmon and cream cheese open face sandwiches. Man! so yummy 
(Left the number off:)) this perfect pair of brown booties from sole society. need these for spring and summer!
8  // this organic handwoven blanket from etsy. this little shop gets me into so much trouble!
9  // this sweet print from the shop of lovely jenny highsmith! Love this girls calligraphy. I'll take one of each:)
10  // this birch tree printed throw pillow. Love the black and white, and the organic feel
11  // this adorable little globe that I want to add to my globe collection in my office! my collection as of today:)
12  // this recipe for french breakfast doughnuts. the end:)

Well that's it this for another Friday folks! Next week today I'll be in my hotel with a silly crazy spray tan and biting off my fingers from nervousness for my competition! Thank you thank you again to all those that have commented and messaged me everywhere with your support and encouragement. I own you guys so much and It makes me feel amazing to know that you have my back:)

On another note thank  you for the patience in my posting while I get past the craziest week of my life haha, and I'm so excited about the posts that are coming up in April! I have nothing but posts and videos planned to answer all your questions and requests, to bring you the cream of the crop as far as brands that I love and support, and a bunch of fun surprises! I just can't wait for tomorrow:) 
See you guys tomorrow, and have an awesome rest of your weekend!
xo, Em

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  1. Best of luck with your competition and I look forward to seeing all the pictures of the teo of you competing, I cannot believe with 4 young children that you can still manage to maintain this blog and the competition,Wish I had some of your very obvious organizational skills

  2. I love the jumper and boots! Huge good luck for your competition :)


  3. I love that calligraphy print. I'm going to have to remember this for when I start decorating our bedroom!!

  4. That print is so cute! I would love it for our master bedroom. Do you have a link for it?
    You can never go wrong with donuts!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle