Thursday, January 9

What I Wore // leather and waiting lines

Hey loves! Last night martin and I had the chance to go on a date (which normally we try to do every week in some shape or form but haven't really been able to for a while), and had lots of fun! We finally saw The Hobbit, which was in it's last day of being in theaters. Phew! Movie dates at home are awesome and all, but there's nothign quite like seeing movies the first time on the huge ginormous screens at the theater. Plus we got movie vouchers for Christmas so it was even better:) Have you seen it? Do you want to see it?

earrings - recall
sweater - ross (pol)
pants - gift (jolt)
heels - serena
purse - fred meyer (older)

How is your 2014 going! Okay so I have to admit to just typing in 2013 and than back-spacing to switch it to the proper year. What can I say it still quite hasn't sunk in yet! I'm still writing 2013 on my checks. opps.haha Oh well, i'll get there soon!
Thanks so much for visiting today, and don't forget to check out the 3k treadmill giveaway here, and also the ipod nano giveaway here! Have a great day, and I love you guys!
xo, Emily
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  1. I wasn't the biggest fan of the movie. Not true to the book! Your shirt is so pretty though. -Hanna Lei

  2. My husband and I saw the Hobbit recently too! I am kind of an LOTR nerd.. :) Thought it was great! Though so strange the way the filming style changed so much. But I loved it! Did you like it? We also managed to see Catching Fire and Frozen... so it was an unusually movie-filled Nov/Dec for us :) -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  3. Aw, I want to see the Hobbit too! Once little girl is bigger, hopefully we can make it out!


  4. so pretty! i never considered myself a leather-pants type of person, but the way youve styled them here makes me really want to give them a try!

  5. So stylish for the movies. My husband and I just went on a movie date and I wore leggings and ugg boots lol!

  6. Awe, you look so pretty! I need a date night out desperately, the movie nights in are nice, but there is something about getting dressed up and having your spouse all to yourself, right? :)

  7. Can you please do a post on the bouffant bun? Would love to see how it's done!

  8. The hubs and I saw the hobbit the day after it came out. We Loved it, did you enjoy it as much as the first?

  9. Ok, I want your body (yes, That did sound wrong but whatever) haha! And my hubby has been trying to get me to see Hobbit, but i'm in no rush to see it. I guess we'll catch it on red box!
    Kat |

  10. You look great. I think I will never have a chance to wear a lether pants, not my for my shape.

  11. You look so great! :)

    I went to see The Hobbit with my boyfriend, and my my friends when it was released here in Portugal and loved it!


  12. You're so beautiful !
    I love your sweater :) <3

  13. Wow looking smart,I think having a healthy and balanced lifestyle is necessary to have that youthful and healthy skin.

  14. I'm more loyal to the book and was a little disappointed with the film. But I agree that it's fun to see movies on the big screen!

    I love how your lipstick matches your handbag. Nice touch!

  15. One word WOW! You could literally stop traffic.

  16. wowww!!!! your looks are really stunning!

    you have perfect style <33

    my blog is HERE

  17. Love this look, Emily! Then again, leather is my favorite color. ;)