Sunday, December 1

December Hopefuls - an idea list

Happy December 1st! I can't quite believe I just said that. It feels like it was just barely the middle of October and we were waiting for baby Lydia to come at any time, not knowing that instead of coming two weeks early she'd be coming more than two weeks late.haha Martin and I spent the last night of November and first few early hours of December making plans and goals and writing out a little list of fun things we'd like to do this month, and I thought I'd share it with you as maybe some inspiration for filling up your month with a little more:)
If you're new to the blog you may like to check out the official Winter Fun Wishlist that I posted this time last year, it may be a little more mainstream and not so personal to our family as this list:) 

December 2013:
- make and decorate a gingerbread house
- drive to look at the lights
- go snowboarding at least once
- do more acts of service
- do at least one big jigsaw puzzle together
- send out our Christmas cards
- make lots of eggnog
- do some Christmas crafts with the kiddies 
- toilet train our two year old
- make snow angels with the girls
- read lots of Christmas books
- stack up the rest of the firewood
- read a book from start to finish
- have a family nativity play
- have a solid quilting day
- watch lots of Christmas movies
- write a letter to a far away friend
- clean the house top to bottom
- enjoy a few long bubble baths
- go bowling as a family
- build a snow man family
- teach the girls more Christmas songs
- have a sugar cookie decorating day
- make snow ice cream with the kids
- make truffles
- go roller skating
- finish the parlor curtains
- go on a date a week
- have a big family sledding day
- burn lots of pine and cinnamon candles
- teach myself to knit
- donate to a charity or food kitchen
- listen to some new Christmas music
- go swimming together
- game nights
- start the girls on a little daily chore
- go ice skating 
- draft our new year goal list
- wear much more plaid
- visit the family cabin up in the mountains
- make cinnamon rolls

And that's about it! ... for today that is:) If you know anything about me you know that I'm a checklist fanatic, and so you know that I'll be continuously adding to this list all month just about.haha I just really love the holiday months in general but December in particular. Everything from the cold weather making you spend more time inside together, the spirit of giving and being thankful, and the fresh start anticipated by the new year making us all think back on the last year and and make plans for the future. Speaking of fresh starts, it's December folks:) Have a great rest of your day!
xo, Emmy

P.S. one thing near the top of my personal list is to get back to my habit of blogging every day, so you can have a new post to look forward to here every day this month! (and beyond:))

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  1. Love your list!! Good luck on learning to knit!!

  2. Wow - that's a pretty big list, lady! I might steal some of the items to make a list of my own :)

    Emma | Fluff and Fripperies

  3. I love this list :D! I already made one Myself last night since it was the 1st and I was so excited! I have the cookies and cinnamon rolls on it too and a lot of nights by the fireplace ^^ haha!!!
    Happy Month for You!

  4. Love this list so much! Can't wait to hear about all these shenanigans. Happy Monday!

    A Silver Snapshot

  5. aw, I want to do a gingerbread house too! Hope I can squeeze one in with the newborn here!


  6. i'm thinking of creating a similar checklist for me and my husband as it is our first married christmas together! love this list!

  7. Haha I love the wear much more plaid! Best thing on a list ever!