Thursday, November 14

Buy One, Get One Free - Advertising/Sponsor Spots (closed)

So baby girl turned one week old yesterday (totally bitter-sweet! The newborn stage is so fleeting), and this last week has been so nice and productive towards the whole healing and getting back on my feet process. Anyone who's had kiddos (and perhaps some who haven't) knows the various stages of 'discomfort' one goes through after childbirth, but I'm feeling slightly more myself every day that goes by(and every full nights sleep!), and as strength and vigor return to my body, excitement and plans are returning to my mind! Since I've been been somewhat inhibited for the last nine months I've spent pregnant with three babies, I'm so stoked to push forward with more energy and fierceness then ever before, and that's where you come in!

Because of the baby prep, false labors, then days of labor leading up to the birth and so on I've had more gaps in my posts this last couple of weeks than I ever have had in my whole blogging career I think, but that's all coming to an end, and then some. So, in celebration of new goals and pushing forward (and also because Christmas is coming and I know that things can get a little tight), I've decided that until midnight tomorrow, anyone who purchases a large, medium, or small sponsor ad space will get another ad of the same value for FREE! In addition, all my current sponsors (who have been so patient) will get another month added to their existing sponsorship:)

I hope that if you've been thinking about sponsoring The Freckled Fox and sharing your blog or business with my millions of readers, that you will join us for the next two months for the price of just one! I feel like a new woman more and more every day, and I'm so full of creative energy right now, I can't wait to move forward! So, are you with me? :) Click here to read more details and stats info about Freckled Fox sponsorships, and I can't wait to work with you! Prices will be rising again with the new year, so grab one while the iron is.. hot.. or something? haha
Thanks so much for reading, and have an awesome weekend coming up. Love you guys!
xo, Em

P.S. Be sure and stop in tomorrow for the start of a really superbulous giveaway, and also if you're interested in seeing the most recent photo updates on baby and family, click to follow below on IG!
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