Saturday, October 5

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: was actually a week full of extremes both in frustrations and rewards. The frustrations involved things like the car running out of gas in the middle of an intersection, the internet being shut off unexpectedly(neglegence on my part ), having my keyboard and mouse short out in the middle of a post, breaking furniture, scarily painful belly cramps,  problems with our electricity, and poor little John biting through his lip:( The rewarding and exciting things include Martin surprising me with a brand new computer (needed for a good year, and my old one croaked that night!), also a fancy new mouse and keyboard, several really truly sweet and thoughtful emails from some amazing readers:), receiving our wifi extender and Roku on the same day (hooray for wifi in more than two rooms!), plans for a much anticipated visit to some family, a really satisfying refurbishment of an old piano bench, and many sweet and tender moments with my little babies as the coolness and colors of Fall envelope our lives. Not so bad overall right? :)
Weekly Snapshots: a few extra garden veggies gleaned after a frost // a collection of old linens // signs of Fall // cleaning the house with John  // sharing a party size bag with baby girl // a favorite fall perk // a deliciously healthy and sweet new experiment // a family pizza party // a favorite closet staple

Goals for the week:
- finish making baby girls burp clothes 
- make a plum pie
- buy a new diaper pail
- start a fall/halloween quilt
- create a promo code space for sidebar
- drink more tea
- update lookbook
- make some potato soup
- buy needed pump componants
- take several long bubble baths
- set up the new diaper bag

A Few Facts:
  • I can't snap my fingers, despite many many people attempting to teach me over the years:(
  • I'm currently munching cubes of Watermelon, my longest lasting preg craving ever! (6 months)
  • I'm slightly addicted to vacuuming. The sound of stuff getting sucked up, the warm carpet afterwards.. sighhh:)
  •  I have to stick my toes out from under the covers when I sleep, and the covers pulled up to my chin
Hope you've enjoyed getting a little glimpse of our week, and thanks for visiting!
xo, Emily
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  1. Wow, there was so much going on in both frustrations and rewards! Thankfully it seems like the rewards outweigh the frustrations (: My converse are a huge staple for me too! I love them!
    Such great goals for the next week!!
    Hope you have an amazing weekend!

  2. How many weeks are you now? I am excited to see your baby girl! Looks like a nice weekend, sorry to hear about the drama!

  3. I think starting a halloween quilt is a great idea! -Hanna Lei

  4. i need to drink more tea as well! :) very inspiring post! :D


  5. Great weekend wrap-up pics!! That experiment really does look delicious!!!

  6. Peanut butter M&M's are the best!

  7. I totally understand the long running pregnancy craving. My craving was for cherries that lasted almost my entire pregnancy. At least it's a healthy craving!

  8. You always seem to get so much jealous xxx