Wednesday, October 9

October '13 Mixed Tape

Hey guys! So I think that since I've been so absorbed with baby prep lately (and rightly so) and haven't really gotten into Halloween much at all here on the blog, that a good way to kick off doing more holiday appropriate posts would be by posting my October/Halloween Mix Tape!
This is a really varied mixture of songs ranging from scary movie soundtracks to just slightly creepy melodies/lyrics etc, but I think overall they're not your typical Halloween party songs like 'Monster Mash' or 'Ghost Busters'.haha Anyway's, schroll down for 'side B' of your mixed tape, and I hope these songs put you in a more 'all hallow's eve' mood! Enjoy:
Well that's it! Again if you're new to the mixed tape feature here on The Freckled Fox, it's just something I do once a month so I can share current favorite tunes while at the same time paying a small homage to back in the day when we'd make our own mixes on cassett tapes. The good ol' days:) 
Because music is basically playing nonestop here at the Meyers house, and we're always looking for more great songs or artists, please share the first favorite or three that pop into your head! I'd love to hear! Also feel free to follow this link if you're curious to see the other mises I've put out here:)
Have a great day, and thanks for visiting!
xo, Emily
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