Friday, October 25

Friday Finds #80

This week I found...
...this outfit is probably what I'll be wearing if I take the kids around for candy, plus a huge belly of course:)
Fall outfit

...this totally delicious looking pumpkin cupcake with graham cracker bottom. can't wait to try!
Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes with a Graham Cracker Bottom 

...this awesome cowl scarf printed with some of the script of Pride and Prejudice. 
Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf

...this template for this cute little DIY bat broach
felt bat broach with button eyes--free template for Halloween fun!

...this cute recipe and tutorial for ghost cupcakes with little chocolate trees. love them!
For a sweet and spooky Halloween treat, @Michael Dussert Dussert Wurm, Jr. {} made these adorable Ghost Cupcakes. See the full post and recipe here:

...this cute Halloween print from ann garison studio on etsy. Now I need a cat to go with it! :)
Beware of Cat

...this yummy collection of three different ways to roast pumpkin seeds! mmmm
Roasted Pumpkin Seeds with 3 Spice Blends

...this huge collection of Pumpkin Carving Templates. Easy to hard, and its time to get them done!
Spooked Pumpkin Template

...this recipe for pumpkin spice kiss cookies. sounds like the perfect time!
Pumpkin Kiss Cookies 2 Pumpkin Kiss Cookies {Spooky Treats Week – Treat #2}

...this collection of safty tips for you and your trick - or- treaters. good to think about!
Halloween Safety tips for your trick-or-treating adventures! | Cardstore Blog

...this totally festive and fun way to serve Pie on or around Halloween. Looks super easy, and delish!
Graveyard Pie
Have you made up your mind about what Halloween is going to be like in your house? Are you even really celebrating? I'm excited to make it as much of a 'deal' in our house as we can despite the fact that everything is kindof up in the air since this baby girl is being so stubborn. We're checking off our little Holiday to-do list though, and its going to be a fun one:) Thanks for visiting and reading!
xo, Em
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  1. Praying for you and Baby Girl! <3

  2. I have that scarf and get compliments on it all the time! It's my favorite!

  3. I have that scarf (in the Jane Eyre text, my favorite!) I love it! It's so neutral but adds so much detail to any outfit or jacket. :) -Alexandra Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things