Friday, October 11

Friday Finds #78

This week I found...

...this beige themed outfit from polyvore with some really great pieces! actually, I love it all:)
"Autumn Style" by keri-cruz on Polyvore.  For me, no heels and different cut of jeans or maybe a skirt

...this recipe for apple cider doughnuts. doughnuts are on my bucket list for Fall!
pumpkin Apple Cider Doughnuts -

...this amazing colletion of geometric prism color dipped necklaces from Acute Design's on Etsy. I want one in every color, one for myself and one for each of my little girls!
Geometric Prism Color Dipped Necklace

...this idea list for Fall table decor. I love all the gold!
fall+table+decorating+ideas | 42 Beautiful Fall Table D├ęcor Ideas » Photo 23

...this lovely fine art print from etsy. I can't stay off of etsy these day's! SO many talented designers:)
Fall Art Print - 8x10 Autumn Laurel Typography Art Print with Fall Quote - Thanksgiving Decor Wreath Art Print on Etsy, $18.00

...this delish and creative looking recipe for cranberry pie crust leaves. Look so yummy!
Cranberry Pecan Pie Crust Leaves

...this perfect white and gold necklace from ICraveJewels. I'm obsessed with this color combo, and great for Fall!
Gorgeous Gold and Opaque White Necklace

...this checkered pumpkin DIY from my friend Dana at part of a big pumpkin series!

...this awesome looking apple cake from and I think I can just stop with that! :)
Uncle Bob's Fresh Apple Cake is pleasantly sweet and extremely moist |

Fall is my most imspiring time of year, but I feel almost like it's on hold till this little lady joins us! I just feel like my mind is going to explode with plans and schemes for our life and for this blog, etc, so basically I just clean all day long and listen to lots of Birdy and Damien Rice as the day's tick by.haha What are you finding your day's mostly full of lately?

Thanks so much for visiting and reading, and I'll see you again soon!
xo, Em

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  1. That pumpkin is AWESOME!!!!


  2. When I'm looking at all those cakes and cookies... Sooo yummy!
    xoxo, Luxiellle

  3. Love those necklaces!! xx

  4. Mmm that apple cake! Also, I can tell you love gold and white right now for fall!


    The Occasional Indulgence

  5. the apple cider doughnuts sound amazing - I will have to try those, so perfect for fall!

  6. What a gorgeous table decor! And those biscuits are looking delish!