Saturday, September 14

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: was mostly just me in rushing around the house from top to bottom in a blur of pine-sol and clorox wipes cleaning everything in sight, and then starting all over again! Seriously though I have never been hit with this much desire to simply clean along with the ol' nesting instinct before, and its been soooo nice. Plus its been fun for the girls doing their little chores to 'help' me.haha they feel so big, and its always more fun working together. After a few good hours of good chores we get to enjoy things like little errands with the windows down and the breeze coming in, or walks to the park, snuggles and stories, baking a treat together, or chocolate milk on the front steps. Its really the perfect way to start off our Fall, and to prepare for the baby. Life is beautiful:)
Weekly Snapshots: sweet girls splashing in the kiddie pool // the season's first bowl of peaches and cream with a dash of sugar // ruffles in the kitchen // the happiest boys in the whole wide world
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Goals for the week:
- vacuum the E n t i r e upstairs
- finish shceduling october
- get more peaches, since we ate all the others before we could can any
- emails emails emails
- get 8 hours a night, or 10, or 15
- organize my freakin sewing room! for goodness sake woman..
- organize my nightstand vanity drawers
- buy another calender book
- make turkey soup, and finally write down the recipe
- finish baby girls burp clothes

A Few Facts:
  • essentially (because I love every color for a different reason and purpose) my favorite color, is black. is that depressing or sad? I don't really think so, but some people do!
  • I really have a hard time not waddling when I'm trying to walk through a store and I start having braxton hick contractions, and people stare. its awesome.
  • Lately I've really wanted fruit roll-ups, and I mentioned it on twitter and y'all started craving with me! haha it was pretty awesome... except I still have yet to buy any:( 
Thanks for visiting today, and hope you come back soon!
xo, Emily
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  1. Too cute! I've been craving those Dunkeroos. Ever had them? I used to loveeee them!

  2. Black is a good color. Not liking that color actually sounds weird. Right? :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  3. HI! I´m sitting here in Sweden and clicking around on google for some nice hair tutorials and I just find your blog! OMG I love it! Just so cute! Me and my swedish friends wish you all luck whit your pregnancy!

    Your swedish fans

  4. Black is one of my favorite colors too! -Hanna Lei