Tuesday, September 24

Sep '13 Mix Tape

Hey you guys. I am SUper behind on posting this mix tape for the month of September, but 'better late than never' has sorta been my mantra for, well, forever so.. :) At any rate, if you're new to my mix tapes then its pretty self explanatory  but they're just a little way of sharing some of my current favorite tunes with you while giving a little nod to the good ol' days when we would make our own mixed tapes with a side A and side B, you know, to play in our cars or tape players, or walkmans? haha So, since I started doing these last year I've progressed to having an actual player right in the post for your listening convience! Also I've made the playlist so you have to scroll down for side B:) Enjoy!
There you have it! Music is so so important and loved around here, and listened to around the clock, so I hope you leave a few favorites of yours in the comments because I love finding new loves! In turn I hope you've found a new song or two that you like and or enjoyed a few old favs. Also if you're new to the mixes and wanna check them out then follow this link to see the rest.
Have a great day, and thanks for visiting!
xo, Emily
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