Monday, September 16

Modern Pin-up Week: #1 - Cascading Pony with Bangs

Yep you got it! I decided to have a little extra fun this month and do another week of retro pin-up hairstyle tutorials! Each of the looks that I post this week will be really classic and period, but each with their own little twists. Also if you missed the last week of pin-up tutorials, find them at the bottom with the 'specialty tutorials' under hair +beauty, but now lets get on with tutorial #1!
Fun huh?! The look pretty much speaks for itself and doesn't need much explaination. A favorite variation of pin-up bumper bangs/ faux bangs, paired with a voluminous cascading ponytail of curls! Even though I have really long hair, these styles are actually much easier the shorter your hair is, so have no fear! I've also designed the ponytail for those looking to get the most length out of their hair while still having that high cascading look. but you'll see for yourself!
Remember that all of these styles will hold much better with day+ old hair, or hair that has previous product in it rather then slippery newly washed hair. so if you've just cleaned it simply coat lightly with some dry shampoo or hairspray to help add the grip and hold you'll be greatful for later.

Supplies needed:
- fine toothed comb
- 1" curling iron
- bobby pins
- strong hold hairspray
- smoothing serum or shine spray
- 3 hairties
- clips for holding up hair sections
Step #1: Begin by brushing your hair smooth, then separate a large bang section that starts about in the middle of your scalp and curves around to the front in an oval. tie it up for later. Divide the rest of your hair into 3 sections; top, middle, and bottom. Tie up the top two, leaving the bottom out to deal with.
Step #2: Create a ponytail with the bottom section, coating lightly with some shine spray or serum, and curling it up in one inch sections with a 1" curling iron. Spray the bunch of curls with some good hold hairspray, and sling over one shoulder.
Step #3: Release the middle section of hair and smooth the sides (with a fine toothed or teasing comb) back into another ponytail. Spritz with the shine spray and curl just as you did the bottom section. Repeat again with the top section, making sure to smooth out the sides and top before securing the hair-tie. Tease the underside of the top ponytail a bit and than smooth over the top of it.
Step #4: Time for bangs! Separate the hair into 3 sections and tease the underside a little for some extra lift. Spray the top with some shine spray and brush it smooth again. Begin wrapping your bang section around your curling iron, spreading the hair the whole length of the curling iron, spreading them as wide as you can. CUrl right up to your scalp and hold for just a few seconds before proceeding.
Step #5: Spray your bangs well with hairspray, and then clamping and releasing your iron over and over, slowly release your bang section while holding it with your other hand. Reach into both sides of your new faux bangs and pin them securely from the inside. Spray well again with hairspray, tie a headband or scarf around it all, and you're finished!

Well I'm so excited about this week of styles, and I hope you leave your feedback about what you think! I've always loved the mix of complexity and ease with these vintage looks, but remember that practice makes perfect, and to not let yourself get discouraged if they don't come out perfect the first time:) It's always okay to drop and restyle your curls or rolls if they're just not good enough the first time! 
Also when in doubt the smoothing serum is your best friend(or this product I'm loving lately that I think is well worth the price), because it'll make the difference between them looking polished or not.

But that's enough pictures and chatting for today. Get back to your Monday, and have a good one at that! Thanks so much for visiting and reading, and take care!
xo, Emmy
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  1. I just cannot tell you how much i adore this retro look.... All this retro scream "DO IT!" for me .. all i need is a curling iron now :D
    thank you again Emily!

  2. Awesome! That would be so fun for pin-up type pictures! (Modest ones, of course). ;)

  3. So in love with this hairstyle!!! I'm definitely going to have to try it soon!! Such a great look on you!

  4. How adorable are you? Love this look and the retro style..very refreshing and fun!

  5. This is my favorite look! I love it. Great tutorial. Can't wait to try it out!! :-)

  6. How cute! This look is absolutely adorable! Beautifully done and thanks for the idea! :)

  7. SO beautiful! LOVE it! your stunning!

  8. This looks great......I'd be interested to see how it looks at the back. I'm not sure i have enough hair to pull it off but i love to do my fringe like this.
    I now have a new blog and would love it if you took a look
    Thank you xxx

  9. I love these retro hairstyles! Thanks for making these tutorials =)

  10. Nice! This tutorial is great too, cause I ACTUALLY think I can do this style!

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  12. Hair tutorial is magic, as always, you make it look easy...Can I ask what lipstick you're wearing? Your makeup always looks so great! Have you done any makekup tutorials ever? It would be fun to see :) I.e. what are your favorite/reliable products, etc.

  13. Like Jennifer said, I would like to know what brand/shade of lipstick you're wearing. We have similar complexions, and I always feel strange wearing lipstick because I feel it looks so harsh against my fair skin. This is a great shade! Thanks!

  14. Love this- so cute! You did a great job!