Friday, July 26

Friday Finds #71

This week I found...
...this light and casual ensemble that really makes me want to take the kids to the lake!

...this combo of mozzarella and tomatoes with basil and balsamic. looks so refreshing and delishI love a good balsamic reduction on just about anything, but this looks absolutely delicious!

...this hammock situation is out of this world perfect. I want a sitting chair hammock so bad!
I want a sitting chair hammock SOOO BAD....!

...this recipe for chocolate peanut butter pie. the end.
chocolate peanut butter pie

...this pewter bunting necklace from Lisa Leonard Designs. So simple and fun!
pewter bunting necklace

...this set of mugs which simultaneously make me cringe and really want one!
love these

...this set of striped bottle vases from anthropologie. I love the style for summer!

...this awesome looking recipe for beef and bean burritos from the pioneer woman. Hungry!
Beef and Bean Burritos

...this comfy and cute pair of boots from free people! You'd have to have great ankles to pull these off:)
Sylvia Boot  grey suede and pink buckled straps

...this cute and fun summer DIY found on we heart it. looks easy too!I tried to buy a pair at American eagle but they sold out and I've been heartbroken ever since I must make these!! 😍

Thanks so much for visiting! There are so many things I want to make and do and see before summer ends. I hpoe you're really enjoying your July!
xo, Em

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  1. I looove all of this! and Caprese salad is my absolute fave!!! Mmmm the mozzarella!!!!


  2. Great picks! I love the food, the camera mug, and the shorts DIY! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Those lens mugs are AWESOME!


  4. Lots of loveliness in this post - that peanut butter pie needs to get in my belly, now!

  5. I love that hammock, the necklace, and those lace shorts!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Amazing finds! The lace shorts are darling and that hammock looks perfect!

  7. new follower!!

    I love those boots and shorts!!! so cute


  8. Hi Emily! It was great meeting you Saturday night at blogger. Love your blog :) Passing along the camera coffee mugs to my friend...her husband is a photographer. Take care!

  9. Great post! Definitely going to be following <3

    xoxo MACA

  10. I totally want a sitting chair hammock, too! And some of that peanut butter pie. It was great meeting you at BlogHer Saturday night. You are living proof that a person can be both physically beautiful AND kind and funny. :)