Tuesday, June 11

Summer Ad Sale + Sponsor Call

Hey there friends!! I haven't done a general Ad sale in forever, and I figure its about time with Summer beginning only a week from Friday. What a better way to kick it off than running a brief sale on all my ad sizes, including my solo feature spot! Hooray!
Lately traffic's been breaking new records and this month's will skyrocket up to three times from what it was just in April! I'm currently running my 1 solo feature spot, 10 Larges (they're always popular) 8 mediums, and 12 littles, but my variety of sizes and amounts will be changing soon so hurry and sign up! :) Use Passionfruit promocode: SUMMERLOVIN at checkout to receive a whopping 25% off every ad purchase! Also if you'd like to stick around for three months than email me for a further discount:)

Find any information you'll need about my sizes and pricing, as well as further statistics(though they're a bit behind:)), etc, on my sponsor page. You can also find alternative ways of being featured/workin with The Freckled Fox besides sponsorship's through giveaway's etc all in the same spot:)

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have, and I really really hope you'll join the sponsor team! Happy *almost* Summer!

Have a great Tuesday,
xo, Em
P.S. Remember that Google Reader is going R.I.P. really soon, so don't forget to...
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