Monday, June 17

Style That Bump: Maternity Fashion Collaboration

Hey everyone! I've had the chance to participate with a few other fabulous bloggers(who are also expecting) in a collaboration for sharing different ways of styling a growing bump! I know that for myself that when I'm expecting, some days I wake up and I just feel like everything in my closet is cowering away from me and the basketball that's inflating under my shirt.haha So I'm really honored to be a part of this group for today and in the future in helping bring more ideas and inspirations for styling while pregnant! Here's the group: 
How fun is that! Be sure to visit the other ladies to see more of their outfit details, and baby bumps:) :
Tiffany from I am Style-ish -  26 weeks
Anna from In Honor Of Design - 38 weeks
Abbey from Along Abbey Road - 19 weeks
Lynzy from Sparkling Footsteps - 24 weeks
and myself:) - 22 weeks
 Necklace - gift, dress - Macy's, leggings - ross, heels - qupid

Thanks for visiting today! These other four ladies and myself will be posting monthly collaborative outfits just like today, where we'll take turns styling different closet staples to inspire and encourage! I know I need all the encouragement I can get when it comes to feeling comfortable while trying to still look like a woman instead of an open umbrella:) So I hope that if you're currently pregnant or planning on having a babe in the future that you'll explore, maybe pin an outfit or two, and leave feedback!

Pregnancy really can be a time to explore new ideas and outfit options, because there are some things that actually fit much better with a bump or look better even (though it may be hard to imagine at times.haha), so use the time wisely, and have no fear! I have just about outgrown this little number, so I was happy for the challenge of styling it with this new curve I have goin on. There's really not that much to this outfit, but there are a lot of possibilities don't you think? 
What about you, how would you style a dress with a bump?

Make sure you visit and show a little love to the other preggo mamas participating, and if you are visiting from one of them, I'm so glad you're here! 
xo, Emily
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  1. It can also be an awesome time to experiment, because you suddenly have breasts.

    When I got pregnant the second time, I started out with breasts that could barely fill a padded B cup. I ended with double D's. I nearly went crazy, buying all the shirts that normally looked weird on me.

  2. love this beautyfull look!

  3. You are too cute Emily. And I'm really impress that you're still wearing those red heels! I don't even know that I could wear them when I wasn't pregnant ;) Can't wait to follow along! xoxo

  4. Your baby bump looks like my post-taco bell bump. I'm so impressed! With your heels also! you're all woman. :)

    Such a cute little momma.

  5. you look so great! love the heels - i have a pair just like that except they are from target!

  6. You look so cute!!! (even though there is basically no bump you skinny mini)

  7. Gorgeous! You look great and I love the styles! I also love your hair color, which is probably natural...but if by chance it isn't, would you mind telling me what color you use? Would LOVE to have this color!!! Thank you :)