Sunday, May 26

'The Basics' Hair Week, Tutorial #7: Hot Roller Curls

And we're to the end of the week! Hope you made it through okay:) I've really enjoyed this week of tutorials, and I hope you have too! I've been waiting to post more basic styles on the blog that so many of my sweet supporters have been asking about for months, and these will be so useful in the future, so I hope they've been useful in helping you learn a new style or two! Lets get on with the last one:
Hot rollers are perfect as a curly hair routine, because they don't use as much heat as a curling iron, and you can put them in early and leave them in right up until you have time to take them out! Every time I use my hot rollers I'm left with really soft, bouncy curls all day long. 
Supplies needed:
- Hot rollers with clips
- hairbrush
- hairspray
- fine toothed or teasing comb
Step #1: Hot rollers work best on pretty recently washed hair, with a bit of product in it for hold. Begin by separating your hair vertically into thirds(spider fingers!), the top at the level of your eyebrows, middle at your ears, and leaving the third down. Brush the bottom, spray with heat protectant, and rub on a little serum if you'd like for shine. (do this on each section before applying rollers). 
Step #2: Separate a 2 inch section, and start wrapping in around your hot roller making sure that you're rolling your hair away from you.  Once you reach your scalp, clamp on your clip, and move on! 
Step #3: I usually end up with 5 rollers around the bottom layer, then around 7-8 on the next, and the rest all go to the top section, making sure that each roller around your face has the hair headed out and away from it. Once you finish up, spray your whole head with medium hold.
Step #4: Once you've let it sit for about 20-30 mins. Start removing from the bottom up, spraying each layer lightly as its released. Be sure to unwind each roller twisting your wrist in a circular motion, and NOT by pulling straight down. This will hurt your head, break you hair, and pull out your curls. :(
Step #5: Once all your rollers are out, use a fine toothed comb and your fingers to soften and blend the curls on top of your head. Fluff and scrunch the curls from the bottom upwards, and away from your scalp before giving the whole thing a good spray. Done and done! 
Love these curls! I've had my set for a really long time and they're actually starting to lose a bit of they're effect, so if you have a favorite set let me know! I do these just about once a week, because the shine and softness last till my next shower, and they make the perfect base for every updo and style! Perfect:)
Thanks for droppin by, and I hope you've learned a few things this week! I've really had a ton of fun talkin hair with you ladies, and I can't wait to keep going with all the style ideas I have!
Hope you have a terricif Sunday, adn good luck in the coming week!
xo, Emily
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  1. Ah thanks for the tutorial!
    Yes this weekend has passes quick :) Hope yours was good also!

    Sofia G

  2. Your hair tutorials are awesome!! I always learn something new, even from the basics. :) Hope you have an amazing long weekend.


  3. Gorgeous curls Em! I'm sorry that I didn't comment on all of them, but I definitely loved all the tutorials this week. Great job!!

  4. superschön :)
    Liebe Grüße
    Nina von Pearlsheaven

  5. this is fabulous! I will def have to try this out! You are SO freaking pretty!! I LOVE the color of your hair! SO excited for Wednesday!! #TheMessyProject

  6. I have never used heated rollers before but as usual you have inspired me! X

  7. Your blog is oh so beautiful! I love all of your tutorials, I am definitely going to try out some of the hair ones.

  8. look amazing...I like red and freckles...

    XOXO Elle

  9. ah, your hair looks so lovely! x

  10. wow! so pretty. Oh man, hot rollers have been on my wishlist for ages. I love curly hair and really want to try rollers. Let me know if you find a good new set. I'd love any tips on picking out the right hot rollers for your hair.

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  12. Your eyes are amazingly gorgeous! So jealous!

  13. Your eyes are amazingly gorgeous! So jealous!

  14. Did you use rollers that were all the same size?

  15. I have been scouting your hairstyles this afternoon and trying to take notes. I am a much less glamorous redheaded mama with hair finally long enough to have fun with. Your hair tutorials are so beautiful and I'm hoping to try some soon!
    And on a random note: I just noticed something we have in common in the photo at the bottom of this page: two different color eyes! One of my eyes is bluish and the other is greenish. I always just call them "hazel", but they really are two different colors. I'm glad to find someone to share such a rarity with. I didn't always love it, I've learned to appreciate God's unique design, freckles and all as I've grown older.
    Thanks for all your helpful beauty tips!!