Tuesday, May 21

'The Basics' Hair Week, Tutorial #2: The Pompadour

Also known as a 'poof', or 'bump' maybe, but either way Tutorial #2 in this series is a little thing I do this often to get my bangs out of the way, to cover up a case of bed-head, or just to spruce up any ordinary hairstyle because I love how its so versatile and can fit with so many other styles, or just on its own! 
You know what I'm talking about right? I guess in my tutorials I always just say 'do a front pompadour' and move on, and many of you have said 'hey how do we do this pompadour thing?' haha Its super simple, can take about 6 seconds start to finish, can be super minimal or way over the top depending on your personality or hairstyle, and is really a must-know for all you do-your-hair-yourself kinda gals out there! Here we go:
Supplies needed:
- bobby pins
- teasing comb (optional)
- hairspray (optional)
- Curling iron (optional)
Starting Note:
first off there are a ton of ways to go about this, and I'll leave it up to you to pick the best one for you and your hair. You can brush the front section up and back when blow drying your hair for volume and lift, you can tease it for fullness, You can curl it up and back over a curling iron, you can just pin back and go if you're in a hurry, it all depends again on the texture of your hair, the height you want the poof to go. I've done it all those ways and I just decide on how my hair's been behaving, today so I'll add in all the steps, and you can just pick!
Step #1: Section off your front fringe or section of bangs, in an upside-down V pointing to the end of each eyebrow(just a gauge). Twist up your little front section and pin it for the time being.
Step #2: Style your hair in whatever way you want (i.e. low bun, ponytail, wavy curls, etc). 
Step #3: let down the front, tease the back a bit if desired (teasing gives it an internal structor.. if that makes sense, so no amount of pushing or prodding from any side can make it flatten.). Comb the front upwards and backwards, pinching it all together and twisting a bit at the base of your original V.  Pin with at least two bobby pins. 
Step #4: Hold your bobby pins in place while you comb away and back from your pompadour, smoothing the extra with the rest of your hair. If you have any hold to your hair at all then you may not need to spray, I often don't, but its easy to just spritz some on to make it stay all day (and night), and it will! 
Keep the hairspray minimal! it you have bangs like me its a must, but if you do too much your hair may become shiny and false looking. Spraying at arms length will help make it just a light mist instead of a big shower of hairspray. Also be careful only to smooth with your fingers once you've sprayed, and not comb again or you WILL get these very unsightly shiny comby clump of hair at the front and its not pretty.haha That's really all there is to it!
If you need any help or have any questions, just comment below or shoot me an email or message anywhere and I'll get back to you! Thanks so much for visiting today, I'd love to hear what you think, and I hope you come back tomorrow for the next tutorial!
Take care,
xo, Em
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  1. your hairstyle is simple yet elegant, i love how it makes your face look so sexy <3
    visit my blog if you have time <3


  2. The one with the hair pulled back? That was my go-to hairstyle for a loooong time. Add a top-tied bandana, and it was my signature style!

    LOVE your take on the pompadour!

  3. this is basically my go-to look for work because my bangs and my hard hat are sworn enemies.

    love it.

    and you. you're just adorable.

  4. I love this!
    Cute blog! Following <3 come check out my blog too!!!

  5. I love a good pompadour ;) It's definitely my go to look when my bangs are getting a bit unruly!

  6. This is my go-to hair style. I actually have a pomp in right now with a top knot. Its so easy and versatile. I love how it makes you look like you put in a lot of effort and look a little more put together.

  7. I really love this hairstyle! Especially since Im growing out my bangs and they just annoy me most of the time so I pin them up a lot :) I'm really glad your doing the hair tutorials again! I really enjoy them and I go back to them sometimes for inspiration.

  8. I love this hairstyle, but when I try to make the bumo it always get to big, because my hair is thin and it easily get out of the pins. I love your hair :D I'm still gonna try tomorrow your curls tutorial ^^ I think it's gonna be great!

    Sofia G

  9. Cute! I have been wondering how to do this!!! Thanks!!!