Sunday, May 19

Sew and Tell #2

Hi everyone! Here we are with another Sew and Tell! I was so excited with the awesome start that the link-up had the first time around, and I can't wait to see what you all link up this week! I'm going to try and publish the link-up every Sunday from now on, and I hope it encourages you to complete more fabric projects as it has me! 
As I've been adding here often to excuse myself, I've really been thrown for a loop these past few weeks with this baby of mine, and so I've really been behind on all my to-do lists:( Since that includes my 'to sew' list, the only thing I have to show today are my newly completed balloon curtains!  
Since our house is a 1907 which we've been working on restoring, I wanted to do something a little more vintage for the dining room, and these were the obvious choice! I plan on making some valances for the top in some black and gold flurr deliegh fabric. Updates to come! :)

Now that I've shared my own project, here are a few of the favorites from last week's link-up!
2. this tutorial for absolutely charming little boy suspenders and bow-tie from Michelle,
3. this adorable and surprisingly simple ruffle curtain tutorial from Steph,
4. and this fun and feminine camera strap tutorial from Susan.

I really hope to share a couple fun projects next week that I'm working on, and I can't wait to see now what you've finished! Remember that the link-up rules are there because the point is to meet and motivate each other, so please include the button or a link back here in your post! Here we go:
1. Be or become a follower of the Freckled Fox,
2. Write out your own Sew and Tell post, and link it up,
3. Copy the button code and paste it in your post (or sidebar),
4. Click around to see others fabric projects and make new friends!

Freckled Fox
Things to remember:
- Each project in your 'Sew and Tell' posts should have something to do with sewing, fabric or needle and thread (pretty self explanatory right?:)),
- Each Sew and Tell post only needs to have one project to link-up! But you can do as many as you like:)
Please please use the button in your post, or if its on your sidebar then link back to the latest 'Sew and Tell' Link-up in your post, so others can come join the fun!
- Each week I'll check out all your blogs and pick a few favorite projects from your own 'Sew and Tell' posts to showcase in the next week's link-up on the Freckled Fox(as long as you've followed the rules)
- Please don't worry about your skill level! I'm far from being great at sewing, I just love to do it, and want to motivate myself and others. That's the point! :)
- If you ever skip a week or lose track, just click on the button on my left sidebar for the latest linky, so you won't miss out on linking up!
Now its your turn:)
 I'm really thrilled at the positive reception that the first link-up had, and i'm so excited to continue because I absolutely loved meeting and looking through the blogs of the participants! I'm already so much more motivated, and I hope that you meet new like-minded bloggers, feel the same inspiration, and have fun! 

Thanks for stoppin by today, and see you tomorrow with a super exciting start to a big week!
xo, Emily

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  1. Ooooh! I'm so excited you picked mine, it puts a smile on this face! :)

  2. The curtains look fantastic! Great job. Hanna

  3. I love the ruffles and layers! Is there a tutorial up for it?

  4. Oh my, I LOVE the curtains you made this time around!!

  5. Thanks for showing off my curtains!

  6. Thanks, Em! Feeling very flattered.

    Sue // Chevron & Lace

  7. Curtains you've sewn really give a feel of an old house. They look beautiful with those two laps!