Thursday, May 30


Hey everyone, today is my baby boy's birthday! John turns 1 today, and actually even though it has been bitter-sweet, I'm really glad for the chance on his first birthday to talk a bit about him, to think about the past year, and look back on all the fun pictures of this silly boy. This however was taken this morning of the birthday boy:)
He is such a sweetheart! Love that face:) Thinking back to when he was born, he made me feel almost like he was the first child we'd had, because having our first boy was a whole new deal! They're really so different in so many ways, and its been a such a joy having him in as the baby of the family. 
I spent a good portion of my morning looking back through my picture files, and I wanted to share few of my favorite pictures of John (mostly from Instagram), one from each month ever since he was born: 
I know I'm impartial, but I just can't imagine a cuter face on a baby boy! haha People always say how hard boys are, but this little one is the biggest sweetheart in the world, and is actually the calmest and easiest baby that I've ever had! (love you girls:)) He's never really all out cried, and even the only time he whines a bit is when he's really hungry or sleepy. John has been such an amazing blessing, and he's never failed to cheer me up on rough days with his giggles and cuddles. 
He smiles and laughs constantly, and his giggles are so contagious,
He's a total daddy's boy with a soft spot for mama too,
He's so so incredibly patient, and will sit quietly on your lap watching a movie for hours,
He already has 12 teeth, and loves showing them off to anyone and everyone,
He loves to clap, dance, and head bob,
He's always been an 'old soul' in that he seems to understand so much, and is so mature,
He loves to babble long run on sentences, with loud exclamations here and there,
He's been sleeping 10-12 hours a night ever since he was an infant, and its a huge blessing!
He is the biggest eater, and has outdone his older sisters on occasion!
He is certainly incredibly active, and everywhere, but never in a destructive, wild way,
He has so many of his dads features, and people say he's his dads 'mini me',
Most of all he is so adored and loved, and he and his sisters are so much the center of our lives and every thing we do. Being our first boy, he has really made our family feel so complete, and he just simply filled that empty spot in our hearts that had been there waiting for him.

Happy birthday my favorite baby boy! I love you so much sweetheart,
Love, Mum

P.S. if you're interested in seeing John's maternity series from 18 weeks to birth, click here. I started it not long after I started blogging, and it was a fun little way of documenting all those gushy feelings during pregnancy along with my belly's growth, so enjoy!

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  1. Aww, happy birthday to your little cutie!!! He is adorable. :) I have an (almost) 9 month old... and get a little teary-eyed thinking he'll be 1 soon! It's amazing to watch them grow!

  2. He has your eyes :)
    Happy B Day sweetheart! :)
    Sofia G

  3. He's so precious! Happy Birthday to your little man!

  4. He has such gorgeous eyes! Such a little cutie!
    Happy birthday to him!!

  5. He's just precious! He'll be a heartbreaker one day ;)
    Happy Birthday little John!


  6. Aww, he's so adorable! His eyes are to die for:O So pretty!:")Happy Birthday to the cutest baby ever!

  7. Aww! He's soo cute! His eyes are to die for:O OMG:')
    Happy Birthday to the cutest baby ever!:)

  8. He is so cute and his eyes are amazing. Happy birthday to him! Hanna

  9. Awh, so sweet. Happy Birthday!


  10. Aww, I think he has the most adorable face too, look at those eyes!

    Happy Birthday John!

    (PS I think boys are WAY easier when they are young)

  11. It was my sons first birthday too!!!
    Happy birthday John!

  12. He is DARLING!!!! Happy belated birthday to that cutie ;)