Wednesday, April 24

Little Letters (a link-up)

Hope you've had a great Wednesday so far ladies and gents, and I appreciate you stoppin by! Its been a bit since I've done a one of these posts (that you convinced me to turn into a link-up:)) and I gotta say I look forward to visiting your blogs and reading your letters, because it always helps me learn a bit more about you in a fun way:) Don't forget that you can write your letters any day of the week and then just come back and link up here so we can come find you! For now, here are a couple letters from me:
Dear Instagram, blog, and Twitter friends, you guys make it nearly impossible to have a hard day when you're so encouraging and positive all the time:) thank you especially for all the support and sweet words about our news!  
Dear amazon, you're both a great love and great enemy, but more the former then the latter. just FYI.
Dear people who post pictures of adorable pets on instagram, You're not helping my kitty cravings! I always get hit hard when I'm pregnant with urges to buy pets because my subconscious knows I'll be taking care of a little baby soon and it can't wait, but please, do carry on:) 
Dear otter pops, I bought you for my little kids, but I think that I'm going to finish off the box myself before they even get to enjoy them. stop being so refreshing! haha 
Dear emails, I really am going to thrash you down some night/nights this week. I've never been so far behind on them and this has got to end. ridiculous.   
Dear hair, I'd really appreciate it if you could go back to bein a little more curly since you lost a bit of that when I was pregnant last. What do you think? Give me a bit of a perm there whata you say? 
Dear dandelions, thank you for being good little weeds and dying when we spray you, now our yard looks so much nicer and manicured. Its all the more fun to outside in the sunshine:)
Now its your turn lil' darlings!:)
1. grab the code below and write your letters any day this week!
2. please, please include the button or my link to your letters post/sidebar
3. read others letters and make new friends! I'm excited to read yours!


  1. i was *this close* to getting a kitten the day before i found out i was pregnant with my little man. i think it's a hormone thing. glad to know i'm not alone ;)

  2. I get puppy cravings even though I am not pregnant :)

    I just made a significant contribution to Amazon...and lets not even talk about my kindle list!

  3. dandelions those pesky little weeds, they definitely have the ability to ruin a yard but thank goodness for spray to make a yard look much nicer and puppies, kittens, baby animals get me every.single.time pregnant or not