Friday, April 5

Friday Finds #59

This week I found...

...this simply chic outfit from ployvore. I really love earth tones on me the most, and it just looks effortless and fun, Plus I can't find jeans like that anywhere! Its all skinnies these days!

...this recipe for browned butter pecan balls. mmmmm
Sugar’s Browned Butter Pecan Balls

...this little collection of adorable headbands from Acute Designs on Etsy! perfect for summer!
Leather & Leaves - Gold, Silver, or Bronze Headband

...this idea for wrapping a vase with rope for a really rustic look. cute!
DIY Nautical Rope Vase

...this Triple Chocolate Mousse. The end.
Triple Chocolate Mousse

...this vintage treble clef pendent from HorseFeathers Jewelry. Love love it so much!

...this hammock inside the living room. I 've been wanting one for ages, and inside is even better!
Indoor hammock.

...this amazing recipe for cinnamon twist bread! How beautiful is that?! totally gonna try it
Cinnamon Twist Bread Recipe

...this post on visiting New Orleans from Little Tree Vintage. Such amazing pictures!

...this rather fantastic artwork by Megan of Studio MME. I could use this for my girls room!
"Coming Home" pen and ink illustration.  <a href="">Find in the shop.</a>

What have you found inspiring you this week?! Hope you have a fabulous weekend all:)
xo, Em


  1. thanks for linking to my headbands :). and yeah, that cinnamon bread looks heavenly. I need to try that!

  2. You always find the best stuff, Emily! I really love those headbands- so pretty! :)

  3. I will take the outfit on the top AND the hammock room, thank you! (If only it were that simple... ha!)

  4. I love those jeans, I am also on the lookout for a pair of flares.. I can only find them by Rachel Zoe or Victoria Beckham and they are pretty expensive!

  5. I love hammocks! And to have one in my house next to such a huge window with great natural lighting would be perfect for a good read on a chilly and/or rainy day.

  6. These are such great finds! I'm especially loving the idea of wrapping a vase with rope. My bedroom has a total nautical feel to it, and that little rope idea would fit in perfectly! Oh, and those browned butter pecan balls? Those don't even need words - they look incredible!

  7. Love the hair bands, and I've been campaigning for hammocks in my office for ever, but never thought about having one at home!

  8. love everything!!especially that outfit... ;) and do you know something funny? last night I dreamed that I was on the phone with you and you were speaking italian!! :))

  9. I love the flowers in the vase!


  10. I stumbled upon your adorable site on my phone a few days ago and decided I had to give the cinnamon bread recipe a try. Then I couldn't find your blog again. THEN, you followed me on Twitter & I'm happy to be reunited!
    : )