Wednesday, March 13

Little Letters Link-up

Happy to be back around to wednesday again and a new linkup. I really love visiting your blosgs and reading your letters, and for those of you who are new, I'd love to have you join in! Don't forget that you can write your letters any day of the week and then just come back and link up here on Wednesdays!
Dear Mother Nature, I am finding my long lost obsession with and love of you coming to back as I once again saw my girls playing in the yard for the first time in five months. I've missed you!
Dear Logos Ap, I am amazed at how you can make me feel so proud of myself one minute ("yesss! I KNEW it was the United Nations!") and pissed at myself at the same time("whyyyyy did I know that?")
Dear eggnog, you may be the most famously associated with Christmas drink out there, but you are cold and icy, and I'm drinking you outside in the sunshine. I don't care what anybody says:)
Dear instagram lovers, I am so happy that we are friends! I don't know why I am so obsessed with liking what you ate for dinner or wore to work, but I am! and also your likes make my day. then end.  
Dear future, I really am feeling high on life lately, despite a few curve-balls thrown pelted my way, but I am really excited to meet you, and I hope we can make sweet music together!
Dear Black Forrest Cake, I know that its not exactly cherry season here yet, but you make me so excited I just about can't stand it! now my mouth is watering... thanks loads. (Recipe)
Dear blog commenters, once apon a time there was  very lucky girl named Emily, and she had the sweetest and most thoughtful group of blog supporters and friends in the entire world. the end:) 
Have a great day everyone!
Now its your turn lil' darlings!:)
1. grab the code below and write your letters any day this week!
2. please, please include the button or my link to your letters post/sidebar
3. read others letters and make new friends! I'm excited to read yours!


  1. oh my hubs and i are obsessed with the logos app! we started playing when i went in to labor (7months ago) and i think we're finally stuck.

  2. tasty!
    How beautyfull

  3. ...and again, Emily's 'Little Letters' put a smile on my face. Thanks for keeping up this simple tradition. :)

    BTW: That cake is delicious!

  4. How does this work, that you find my little letters?

  5. This is so amazing! I love the premise, and will start this week Wednesday - love it - your letters are very inspirational and positive.