Monday, February 18

What I Wore// at Alt Summit - Leather, Studs, & a Tiger

Happy Monday! Here's another one of my outfits from Alt Summit: Probably one of my favorite day looks because it was all so extremely comfortable! The shirt is very light and soft, the leather pants are fitted and soft *wink*, and the shoes are so snugly fit that they never wore at my feet. major plus:) 
 coat - nordstrom rack
bag - tennelly
earrings - gift
tiger - ross
bracelets - nordstrom rack
leathers - charlotte
heels - breckelles
tights - macys

Looking back on these pictures brings a flood of wonderful memories and moments from Alt, And I'm excited to share more of them with you soon!
Thanks for stoppin by today! See you again soon:)
xo, Emily

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  1. You look stunning. Love it all.


  2. You look great, but I think the fact that those shoes are comfortable is the most amazing thing, because they sure don't look comfortable to me!!

  3. LOVEEEEEE this outfit! I have super similar pants!


  4. cute coat!! love your hair like this!!!

  5. Amazing outfit! Love all of these clothes:)

  6. As always, you are quite the stylin' lady, Emily. :)

  7. You look beautiful! No discomfort from that high of heels? I always feel like my toes go numb on me whenever I wear heels above 2 inches, but then, I almost always wear flats so I might be a wimp!

  8. Great outfit. Like the others, I'm amazed the shoes are comfortable.


  9. love the coat and your pants. looks... hot! rawr. :)

    love, x
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  10. I am so afraid of wearing leather, but these pictures are tempting me to try it out! Plus, your hair is just non-stop gorgeous. All the time!

  11. Gorgeous as always!! ..and I have a question... who takes your pictures??? I'm veeery curious!! :))

  12. I love your pants ! Beautiful outfit, sexy and not vulgar at all, it's just perfect !

  13. You look fabulous Emily :) I absolutely love the red coat. I can't help but wonder though, if those shoes really are that comfy and HOW ON EATH you walk in them, haha. I can't manage to stay classy on 2 inchers! x

    1. I think a video is coming about me and my heels.haha
      YOu're the sweetest Nikki! your comments always make my day:)

  14. haha I should have clarified ladies, they are comfy...for being heels! haha I wear a lot of high heels all the time and these are one of my comfier pairs.
    Comfy to me in a heel means:
    -fits snugly so my foot doesn't move around and get irretated,
    -has a thicker heel so I can put more support on it,
    -doesn't cause cramping in my foot from extended use,
    -straps that make them fit better again and keeps them secure:)

    hope this makes better sense! haha

  15. Great outfit! You look gorgeous and that jacket looks absolutely stunning on you!!

  16. LOVE your ginger hair. absolutely gorgeous!! and with that red/coral coat? STUNNING! i love following your blog!

  17. Earrings- Target (i have a gold and silver pair- my favorite pairs of earrings!!) Your hair is ridiculously Stunning! :D