Sunday, February 24

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: Its been a pretty special week all-around, with family coming into town, fun visits with old friends, and most importantly my little brother getting married! They had a beautiful 'pre-ception' it was affectionately being called, because it took place the night before the wedding, more of a meet and greet I suppose, with the Marriage happening the next day (beautiful cerimony by the way) and then a smaller family and friends dinner which actually included all the reception tidbits (first dances, bouquet toss, etc), so I suppose was actually the reception! The decor was rustic and beautiful, the food was de-lish, and the bride stunning. It was a perfect night for them:) Oh and did I mention they had a flash mob at the reception/dinner? They met doing musical theater together so naturally my brother used the song 'One Day More' from Les mis to surprise his bride with, and it was a hit! He asked Martin and I to sing the parts of Marius and Cosette, and each person just stood up and joined when their part came till 20 or so of us stood around the room singing. It was pretty awesome:)
Weekly Snapshots: 
some of the beautiful wedding decorations + the cake, my new gorgeous Sister-in law Sarah, my awesome just-older sister Jordan (you probably recognize her because we get together any chance we get), and late night cookies to kickoff a new week. its gonna be a good one folks! :)

A Few Facts:
  • Sometimes I make cookies just to enjoy eating the dough with milk:)
  • I've always had a thing for fast cars since I was little and wanted to work on them, but my dad told me I couldn't be a machanic because no guy would merry me if I had grease under my fingernails.haha
Whats something you're really looking forward to this week?? I wanna know! :)
xo, Emily 

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  1. Cute - as always, Emily. Your brother's wedding looked lovely. :)

  2. those cookies look delicious!!!loving the pics!

  3. Adorable photos. I too enjoy cookie dough while I'm suppose to be baking them. ;)

  4. That definitely sounds like a lot of fun! Your pictures are super cute :)

  5. How do you stay so skinny? Especially after kids? Would love a diet/workout routine post! You look amazing!

  6. The wedding looks gorgeous! Glad you were able to get together with friends and family!
    Those cookies - YUM!

  7. family coming into town is the best!