Saturday, February 16

March Sponsor Call!

Its always fun to open up my blog to new sponsors, because meeting new people is my favorite part of blogging! That and the wonderful bloggers I've already met of course:) My amazing and supportive readers are always looking for fresh inspiration, and I am more then happy to promote your blog or brand to them. Think you 'll be a good fit? I'd love to have you!
All sizes of advertising spaces are opening up around here, so hurry on over to the Sponsor Page and find the right size and price for you! The XL is available in just a couple weeks, and the Large through Small are always rotating and opening up here and there:) Email me if you are interested in the discounts for Multiple months, because I'd love to give you a discount to keep you longer! Also keep in mind that with social media always growing and statistics on an upward slope, pricing can rise again at any time to better reflect statistics:)

Freckled Fox is open to, and has supported everything from new and small start-up companies, shops and blogs to large and well established websites and organizations, and would love to support you in whichever venture you are wishing to promote and grow. Visit the Freckled Fox Sponsor page for stats, sizing, pricing, etc, or to email if you have any questions! Securing your spot has never been faster or easier then with Passionfruit handling the goods, and if you need some help with an ad button just let me know!

I'm so looking forward to getting to know you better and helping to boost your blog or brand:) Can't wait to work with you!
xoxo, Emmy
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  1. Really nice of you to have such lovely sponsors. I wish to grow my blog too, like this. So inspiring.

    Happy weekend Emily! :)

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  2. I have been following you through instagram for awhile now and decided to stop by when not on my phone. :) I am inspired! I also had a homebirth and had an amazing experience and love hair/beauty. I am sending you an email now about sponsering. I was nice to {meet} you.
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick