Wednesday, February 20

Little Letters Link-up

Hey loves, back today with another link-up! can you believe it? haha I love visiting you and reading your letters, and its so fun to meet new-to-me bloggers that way! well anyways, on to my letters I guess:)
Dear new acrylic nails, funny enough after all my complaining about having to re-learn texting and the clicking on my keyboard, I kinda miss feeling like a lady and not a 12 year old boy with no nails... Maybe we could be friends again?
Dear blog sponsors, you rock my world! Your support is seriously what keeps me going, and helps me justify the hours spent blogging to my husband, and kids, and extended family, and friends, and...
Dear Lana and Birdy, you two seem to be my go-tos this week for both sides of my mood swings, and for that I thank you! I have to say though that Birdy is my depressed-overwhelmed-frustrated side, and Lana is my world-domination-zena-warrior-princess side. Sorry Birdy... :| 
Dear weather, I hate you. the end. No just kidding, I just want to say that I don't appreciate you sending me 50 degree weather so I plan an awesome park outing for the next day, only to wake up to snow. Awesome. You made my babies cry. 
Dear Peanut butter, I decided this week that you've never tasted so good as when you're on a spoon in my hand, and believe me I've loved you long enough in all your forms that this decision is a huge deal!
Dear Downton Abbey Watchers, Please stop posting spoilers on my twitter feed! I've already decided that I will probably hate the show as soon as we can start getting it on netflix thanks to you, but I would like to have a few surprises left so I can get mad and throw popcorn at the tv. Thanks!
Dear bloggy friends, I want to apologize for being the worst commenter in history:( I visit your blogs everyday and 'ooo' and 'aww' over your dazzling outfits and creative DIYs, and then don't comment and tell you! I promise to do better though:)
Now its your turn lil' darlings!:)
1. grab the code below and write your letters any day this week!
2. please, please include the button or my link to your letters post/sidebar
3. read others letters and make new friends! I'm excited to read yours!


  1. LOL! Your 'Downton Abbey' letter made me smile, Emily. I try so hard to be sensitive to (I'm the sort of girl who *has* to know the spoiler) that but sometimes get caught up in the convo with friends. It was WAY too interesting to read all the Tweets Sunday night after the finale. :) Despite our tweets, hope you still enjoy.

    Goodness but these are fun! :)

  2. i understand the non commenting. i have been terrible about it lately! i do look at you do! ;) xoxo

  3. i feel the same way about the weather. i can totally do without this -15 celcius we've been getting up here. it'll get better soon, i feel the end approaching. :)

    love, x
    blog | twitter

  4. I love these posts! But hmmm, I don't know if I linked it up correctly...I was having a bit of trouble with the image for some reason. I think the link-up website hates me haha

  5. Yay, I'm so happy you are getting on the Downton Abbey bandwagon! It's so worth it. Good luck trying to avoid spoilers though. Haha, thanks for hosting! Happy Friday!

  6. Love the idea of these little letters. I have added my twist on it today. Great blog