Friday, February 22

Friday Finds #54

This week I found...

...this light and fresh spring-ish outfit that made me sigh out loud when I saw it. I mean seriously can. not. wait. for. warm. weather.  
Spring outfit.....

...this yummy yummy looking recipe for ricotta doughnuts. I've had doughnuts on the brain ever since one of my friends over at the vintage clothespin posted a picture on instagram. Me want some!
ricotta doughnuts

...this amazing shot of spring flowers on a hillside in Japan. I can't believe they even did designs with them!
Spring flowers on Hillside, Hokkaido, Japan

...this cute pair of Anthropologie Loafers! I'm not a huge fan of thick heels, but I really like these.
Botanist Heeled Loafers - - StyleSays by lillian

...this cutest diy from ohsweetjoy. I'm so going to try this! 

...this beautiful and colorful photo of macaroons that has made me resolve to finally make some once and for all! now, who wants to come teach me how? :)

...this adorable print from an unknown source (kills me, i mean you tumblr!) too cute not to share though:)

...this post on Make-up Brushes 101 from the wannabe housewife is seriously so helpful! If you've ever had issues remembering which brush is meant for what, or wanted a good recommendation,  great resource:)

...this beautiful purple jellyfish print by slogator. Makes me want to visit the ocean, oddly enough! haha
Jellyfish Print Purple-Giclee Pointillism - Purple

...this mmmm sinful recipe from bebe a la mode is totally happening in this house this week folks. that is all
Kahlua Brownies

...this entire collection from Orla Kiely. If you could just send it my way that'd be great thanks! :)
Orla Kiely

so ladies and gents, see you soon? Thanks for visiting today! 
xo, Em


  1. Gorgeous tips & links each and every one. :) Mmm those recipes .. Cute post!

    Indie by heart
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  2. I definitely need to check out that makeup brush post!



  3. Nice pics :)

  4. Great finds this week! Thank you for sharing my post as one of them! You are awesome!

  5. Love those shoes! Wish it wasn't snowing here still...I'm getting a little tired of my snowboots :)

  6. I LOVE, NEED, and WANT that striped shirt at the top! Agh...

  7. I'm so addicted to Tumblr and Pinterest! Love the macarons! xxx