Thursday, January 10

What to Pack for Alt Summit

Hello my dears! I gotta be honest for a sec and tell you that we are sooo sick over here. Winter has not been kind to us this year so far (sick through Christmas and New Years) and January is turning into sort of a non-month. However, Nothing can dampen my spirits when I think that Alt Summit is less than two weeks away! (for those of you that didn't hear, check out this post) And as it's my first time attending, I've been scouring the Alt flickr page for photos from past years and first-timer tips, and I'm excited to share a bit of what I've learned today with you! 
I have no intentions of packing as light as I normally do since Alt is all about first impressions, putting your best foot forward and killer style. But there are still a few important things to remember when packing to help you lighten your load just a bit, while still 'bringing it' (pun intended).
Here are some things I'll be remembering when packing my bag:
#1. Business Cards: While they may not be more necessary than clothes (or are they?) Business cards are first on the list because they are so critical to your networking experience Especially in a design focused sphere where we all love colorful paper:) Lets face it, when everyone is meeting hundreds of new bloggers every day, how will you be remembered without cards?
#2. Lighter Luggage: Nothing can ruin the start (or finish) of an originally exciting trip like lugging a million pounds around airport terminals, heaving Mount Everest into the overhead bins, or having to schedule a chiropractor for new-found back issues. Visit the luggage isle of your favorite store and lift a few to see if yours at home is the lightest it can be. Haven't upgraded in a few years? Chances are your older suitcase will be much heavier due to the advancements in production over the years.
#3. Easy on the Girly Junk: sure you'll wanna look killer hair every day, but talk yourself out of bringing your 1 1/2 inch curling iron, your jumbo three barrel waver, your ion tech blow-dryer and your blah blah blah, you know I can go on. Chances are your hotel will have a blow-dryer already, and there are a million tutorials out there for curling your hair with a flat iron. Bring your favorite flat iron and call it a night. One tool. Sounds awesome right?
#4. Strappy and Stylish: While you may be thinking it will be impossible to wear anything but flats at alt and crying over your beautiful collection of stilettos  keep in mind that there is a middle ground! No I'm not saying bring your 6 inch Louboutins (we wish), but medium height wedges will offer optimum support for your instep, and if they have laces or straps then your feet muscles won't get tired quickly from having to strain when you walk to keep them on! Think about it... :)
#5. Most needed Tech Only: we could all probably fill out suitcases with all the electronics we think we may possibly need to get the most out of alt, but break down for a second and think about packing your iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Camera, etc plus all the chargers and cables, headphones, you see where I'm going with this? Try and lighten your load just a bit a lot by minimizing to just your phone and iPad maybe? maybe that little Sony camera tucked away in the closet somewhere? 
#6. Statement Necklaces: Remember how many different pieces it can sometimes take for a bangin outfit, and think how much space that will take up in your suitcase.Now think about one big necklace that can turn even the simplest outfit into a home-run. Consider bringing your biggest and most obnoxious jewelry to alt, because you'll want to stand out as much as possible! Remember: 'God Big, or Go Home!' well, don't really go home...
#7. Easy on the Outer Wear: Remember that most of the time spent at alt will be in doors, especially if you're staying at the grand where Alt is being held! Don't fill up valuable space with bulky coats, scarves, hats, etc when you could use it for other gorgeous bits from your wardrobe that will actually be seen by everyone there! Bring your favorite/warmest/most stylish/coat, and blow a kiss to the others as you walk out the door.

What are some key pieces you'll be bringing with you? Any travel tips or experiences you'd like to share? I'd love to hear!
Thanks for stoppin by today:) Stay tuned for more alt posts coming up!
xo, Emily

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  1. You stylish woman you. Sorry you're sick, get better! How many shoes are you taking to Alt?? That will be a hard one for ya:)

  2. Wahahha! I wish you all the best in the trip! Lovely travel bag dear! Stay safe! :)

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    ...and congrats to my 1st Blog Giveaway Winners

    ❤ ~Chai

  3. oh i love that red jacket! totally a staple piece.
    and smart idea to take business cards with you! never thought of it before but you're so right!

    Redheaded Daybook

  4. If I was going I would definitely use this list! Bravo!

  5. Hey Emily! This doesn't relate, but just read that you're from ID! I live in Boise! So heyyyy from Idaho!

  6. Great list hope to meet your stylish self there!