Tuesday, January 22

My Plan to Get the Most Out of Alt Summit 2013

Hey guys! If you have been following my blog this month then you've seen my posts leading up to and in preparation for Altitude Design Summit, and you know how excited I am! I've been prepping mentally for months, so I thought that I was all cool confidence, but I confess at silently freaking out a little lately. haha Usually I catch myself sitting or standing, staring out in front of me, unblinking, un-moving for who knows how long, till Martin shakes my shoulder and asks "are you okay?" We decided that it may help to calm my nerves if I made a list of the ways to help me get the most out of Alt. Here is my plan:

#1. Prepare my Blog & Social Media: With all the socializing and networking that'll be going on, prepare for a rise in stats by making sure your online presence is as ship-shape as possible! 
#2. Be out-going and Super Friendly: Make a point of going up to bloggers you recognize or admire and saying hi! It may just make their day. If you see someone standing alone, don't be afraid to be outgoing and strike up a conversation. There are a lot of people there just as nervous as you, and while you can't be best friends with everyone, at least we'll put in a good effort:) 
#3. Priority One is Connecting: No one is going to meet all those amazing people for you. Every day will hold opportunities for meeting hundreds of smart and stylish bloggers, designers, photographers, and all-around brilliant people. So meet them, tweet them. Stalk them. haha No but really, introduce yourself! Ask them about themselves and why they love what they do. The biggest part of Alt is the people, and you may find friendships that will last long after your plane has landed.
#4. Ask for Their Cards First: You'll still get to hand out your own amazing cards, and people will be surprised and grateful for the change from constantly being flashed others cards all day long. 
#5. Ask Questions: Don't be afraid to stick around after a panel or class for a chance to meet with your favorite speaker, but also be patient and respectful of other peoples time and schedules. Also, don't feel silly for asking a fellow attendee a question. That doesn't make you the underdog:)
#6. Write it All Down: Take copious notes. Fill those spiral bounds to the brim. You won't be able to remember half of what you hear without them, so turn your phone off during panels and classes and use that time to soak up all the juicy goodness. Remember the value of observation and listening, and don't forget to write down peoples names and blogs as well  Business cards may be coming out your ears, so if there's an extra special contact you want to remember, don't let them slip through the cracks!
#7. Take a step back: If you're overwhelmed at the thought of being there, imagine when it's a reality! Don't feel badly for taking breaks whenever you find yourself a little claustrophobic with all the amazing-ness surrounding you. You'll feel more on top of it and get more out of it!
#8. Be Your Best Self: Remember that enthusiasm goes a long way towards what you will get out of events like this. You are networking a brand, and you are the face of that brand! Know your stuff. Get into the rhythm. Wallflowers will get nowhere, so go with the flow, but stand out and be memorable! 
#9. You are Not Alone: Remember that every single person there is probably nervous about some aspect of the conference. Never turn down an opportunity to thank a speaker or organizer for the work they put in, or to give a pat on the back to a fellow attendee. Laugh and make a joke in a nerve-wracking or possible awkward situation, and everything will turn out just fine:)
#10. Be Bloody Amazing: Tell yourself that you are frequently, and you'll believe it! Remember why you bought that ticket, and what you've been hoping to get out of it, and then go out there and get it! This is your time to shine. No comparing yourself to others or feeling small. You are the best at what it is you do, and don't let anyone let you think differently. 

I really am less of a ball of nerves after writing up this list, and I'm feeling just totally stoaked and ready for this to to start! I really love bloggers in person, and can't wait to get to know all of you bloggers that are attending this year! I hope that you'll come up and say hi if you see me, just be prepared for a hug, and a business card swap, because that's what'll probably go down:) 
Drive or Fly safely, and I'll see you at the Grand America!
xoxo, Emily

P.S. If you would like to follow along with me this week in my experiences at Alt, I will be updating regularly on Instagram and Twitter. I'd love to have you!


  1. Oh gosh! i would so love to go to an event like this but we have nothing like this in the UK. I shall be keeping updated on your instagram. Have fun!! I may be a teeny bit jealous ha x


  2. i hope you have a fabulous time!!! xoxo

  3. Have a great time there my dear! :)

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    ❤ ~Chai

  4. Great advice as always- sounds a little like how to live ones life as well. and by the way Em, YOU ARE BLOODY AMAZING. Hope your having fun and living it up!