Wednesday, January 30

Little Letters Link-up

Hey there darlings, I have to thank you again for your patience with my linkup, and say that I hope you will be linking up Wednesdays here with your sweet and humorous letters!! I love visiting and reading your little letters because it really helps me get to know you guys better:) Here're mine:
Dear Alt Summit, thank you for bringing me one of the best weeks of my life! What an amazing experience, one that I need to write and share about still!
Dear Weathermob, I think I spent the most time at your mini party at alt, i mean you had the fun photobooth, the hot chocolate bar, and the mini smores bites! Thanks for a good time:)  
Dear cold weather, thank you for lightening up a bit lately, you've given me hope of warmer weather to come soon, along with sweet memories from summers past.  
Dear chocolate, I know that we are great friends, but I realized recently that you don't keep me satisfied for very long, so an hour later I am left hungry again only jut a little fatter. Can we work out a different arrangement pretty please? 
Dear Wal-mart, I know I pick on you a lot, but I just can't understand how long the lines have to be in order for you to open up a third register and so on.  Really? I'm sstanding in the childrens section in line while 30 other registers sit unattended? come on
Dear popcorn kernels in the bottom of the bag, you had one job to do. One! You were grown, harvested, and today was your day to shine! This is what you were made for! now pop so I can eat you instead of breaking my teeth. 
Dear Martin, thank you for your patience with the house as I unpack my bags and settle back in a bit, it sure has been a crazy month, but I'm ready for a new rhythm!   
Dear bloggy friends, your sweet words or encouragement and kindness truly make my day, every day. Whenever I could be feeling down I remember the support I have from you, and blow you kisses:) Love you guys,
Now its your turn lil' darlings!:)
1. grab the code below and write your letters any day this week between now and next Wednesday
2. please, please include the little letters button or my blog link to your letters post/sidebar 
3. read others letters, make new friends, and have fun! I'm excited to visit and read your letters! 



  1. I LOVE this letter :) your posts always brighten my day!

  2. How cute!
    I have the same love/hate/love relationship with chocolate. I would go insane without it though!
    haha @ the popcorn kernels.

  3. Cool link ups! I must have a page for it too :)

    Great summit!

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  4. Love these - thanks for introducing me to the concept, Emily. :)

  5. Great blog! So glad I found ya.

  6. Great post, I have done my own little letters post (finally) and have linked up, thank you for hosting :)

    Alt Summit sounds like it really was amazing, I need to try go next year if I can. Also Walmart queues sound a bit like Primark queues, nighmare!

    Janine xx
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