Saturday, October 27

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: I met a bunch of sweet new bloggers through my sponsorship program, drank lots and lots of apple cider, sorted a lot of cluttery areas around the house that really needed extra attention, had about four hours of 'pamper me' time in the bathtub, discovered and listened to amazing new artists, had lots of productive and fun late nights, did a million dishes, sent off lots of packages from the shop, canned about 200 lbs of meat for the winter, ordered some fun new business cards, made lots of bread, registered for the amazing Passionfruit mixer coming up, went to the most relaxing yoga class I've been to in a long time, and thoroughly filled up each day to bursting, and loved every minute of it. 
Weekly Snapshots:delicious lunch dates, exciting new projects, a little autumn lovin', bright colors row by row, boys in pink, and tasty fall treats.
Next Week: I always try to use the first few days in a new month to really detox from the busy previous month, to make lists of plans and goals, and then to schedule the crap out of the new month. Really looking forward to it:) Other plans include more Halloween goodness, some much needed family alone time, some much needed email alone time *wink*, more treats (always with the treats), lots of projects, and tons of laundry, dishes, wood chopping, vacuuming, dusting, and folding I'm sure:) I never plan those sorts of household things, but that doesn't mean I don't know that they will be taking up the majority of each day. *le sigh* I actually really do enjoy vacuuming though, did you know? 
A Few Facts:
  • I haven't been to a zoo in 15 years, and it makes me sad.
  • I've been looking back through some planning journals, and I'm so excited to learn, grow, and move ahead in every way possible.
  • I love, love to read. When I was younger, I would start a book before I went to sleep, and not sleep till it was done. I have waiting issues. 

What are some plans for the first week in November? Anything special?
xo, Emily

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  1. Haha, this weekend recap is so vibrant and full of life! Love it. Such an inspiration, Emily!

  2. Your blog is always full of positive thouths ! I love so much reading it !

    XX Luba
    Well Living Blog

  3. November is just the beginning of the busy holiday season but I cannot wait! It also means lots of family time. Love the picture of boots in the's already snowing where I am. Wish we had more of "fall". Have a great weekend.

  4. Does this count as the first week of November?;) I am going to a wedding today, so I am super happy I get to dress up, since I have to wear a uniform to work at the doctors office I work for. Then this week, I have a blind date. He seems nice enough so hopefully it goes well!

  5. I like that you take a few days to detox. Life gets so busy and if we don't schedule that time in it would never happen!

  6. That's a long time not to go to the Zoo! We just took our kids last weekend and they loved it, you should definitely take the time to go :)

  7. I also do love reading, I have some "to read" list. I hope I can finish it in November!

  8. Business cards, I should get some. People have asked me but I never printed any! also, I have said it before, but you truelye are a kitchen princess! My cooking hero, haha. x

  9. Firstly, I love your cute blog! Secondly, Wow, you had like an awesomely productive week and weekend but with a good balance of relaxation! Are you Superwoman in disguise ? :)


  10. Firsly, I love you cute blog! Secondly, wow, you had like the most productive week and weekend ever but with a good balance of relaxation! Are you Superwoman in disguise ? :)


  11. Hi! I am a new follower via Sippy Cups & Pearls. Love your Halloween 2011 pics!

  12. you have the most amazing blog ever :D!
    love, Kv:)

  13. I just came across your blog and it's awesome! You've just gained a new follower on GFC! I'd love it if you'd check out my blog and follow me back if you're interested!


    Kate :)