Sunday, October 7

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: Loving the change in seasons that has really taken place this week as I felt the temperature drop to freezing just about every night! Pulling sweaters and scarves out of boxes from high in the closet, and bringing up containers of bright and sinister ghosties and ghouls. This week also marks the week where Martin and I brought home three wonderful pieces of furniture! Two matching benches for the dining table, and a piece of furniture that I have been saving for for over a year. No, its just a simple beautiful buffet table, but weather it was the baby nesting with John or not, I had dreams about this buffet table right at the end of the dining room. When we went to the store to see if it was still there my heart was actually beating so hard! Its so funny to say, but its true. We didn't get the one I'd always wanted though, we got its much more handsome older brother. 
Weekly Snapshots: a harvesting friend // daily planning // fall blooms // garden fresh
Next Week: Slowly but surely we are checking off things on our fall checklist. Yesterday we went on a chilly walk, and had to dress the girls up in coats, hats, and fuzzy boots. It felt amazing to breath the chill into my lungs. Fall has brought me all the best and happiest moments of my life (discounting only my marriage to martin, and the births of my three children; all in the spring:)), and I can't help but get all fuzzy and tingly inside when the weather hits. As far as the blog goes, Freckled Fox is closing the Betsey Johnson Giveaway and opening a Sponsored giveaway! Its from a much loved company so you'll want a piece of the action:) also my favorite lens is here!! So there will be much regular posting goodness going on. Stay tuned!!
A Few Facts: 
  •  I've almost finished our Halloween Costumes, I jus have to sew a bit more for Martins, but I just can't tell you what we are going to be you sweet people, I'm sorry:(
  • There are going to be giveaways back to back allll through October... jus FYI:)
  • My newborn baby boy is Four. months. old. Nothing is more bitter-sweet right now, other then my delicious hot chocolate... mostly though its just really sweet, but when you use dark chocolate it can ge- okay I'm done.
Hope you have a majestic week coming up everyone!
xo, Em

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  1. Ohh I wish autumn stays forever ! Very inspiring pictures !

    XX Luba
    Well Living Blog : featuring today social fashion project - nawá

  2. When I see these pictures I feel so cozy! I wanna get cup of tea and sit near window.

  3. Lovely photos! I like the one of the ladybug!


  4. I love this time of year only because it ushers in my very favorite time of year.. Christmas and snow, snow, snow!!! My beloved wondrous snow!! I can't wait! - Luv these pics! :)

  5. Fall hit us this weekend and I couldn't be happier! But I think it's supposed to get back up to the 80s all week so maybe not?

    Jealous that you're almost already done with the costumes, I just started mine yikes! ;-)