Tuesday, October 30

Featured Sponsor Spotlight!

Hey loves, happy Halloween Eve! I hope you have a nice cup of tea and a snack handy because you're going to wanna stick around and meet my lovely Featured Sponsor this month: Martie, of Spunkyrella
Martie really has such a strong and beautiful personality, and I always leave her blog feeling inspired and motivating! She is extremely 'real' and relate-able, and I love feeling like I know her because of how open and honest she is on her blog. Her weekly features are pretty addicting too, and you'll find yourself going back again and again. I'm so happy to introduce you to her!
What does Spunkyrella mean?
Glad you asked. Know the song by Moto Moto from Madagascar 2, where he sings to attract hippo Gloria and mentions her curves?! One part goes like this: „I like ´em big, I like `em spunky…“ My behind is not small either, so my guy likes to refer to me as spunky.

Also spunky is used to describe somebody who has attitude, who has a presence. 
Love that! The ending „-rella“ just made sense to me as I love Disney movies (hello, Cinderella).
That´s it. A name was born!

I started this blog in April 2011. I had a blog before but it was more a diary and no one read it anyway. The reason for me to start to blog again was a lifestyle change. I found great workout blogs about the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis and I wanted to write about my experiences for fellow TAMers. This awesome community around it evolved which is now known simply as the TAMily!
So I wanted to get myself out there more and also blog about lifestyle subjects such as daily looks, neat finds around the web, recipes, fun links and blogs also known as Monday Morning Madness and the loves of my life. You´ll still find the occasional workout post (I turned to yoga lately and my girl Nina is guest blogging every Thursday for Running 101).

I don´t live a fancy schmancy life. If you´re looking for uber-stylish outfits and lots of brand names, Spunkyrella might not be the place for you. Sorry.

I just love life! And the fact that a little twist sometimes can turn a crappy day into a gorgeous one.That food and easy-peasy recipease really CAN change something, a deco-twist here and there does the trick to re-decorate your livingroom…. and yourself. And a workout, yoga or stretching simply helps to unwind after the daily hustle and bustle.

What else? I just turned 30 and live in the city of Vienna with my guy. He goes by Mr. Kiss/the guy/my love in this blog.No kids, no pets, just yet. 

Spunkyrella is my nook on the net. My place to share things with my readers which excite me - like my "Whoaa of the week"- section as well as very personal subjects like my new "Keep it simple"- series. My blog is probably most popular because of my "Monday Madness" links and my "Puppy Friday" posts. Spunkyrella is my alter ego and you just can´t put this blog in a box like food-blog, beauty-blog. It´s just everything at a time, like life itself.

I hope you all go give Martie some love and support! Thanks for readin today, and Happy Halloween Eve!! 
xoxo, Emmy

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  1. I love your blog thanks for the comments on mine I am your newest follower!