Tuesday, September 25

What I Wore// Leather and Length

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Life has a way of letting us know who's boss. Right when we think we're in charge, it drops a ton of bricks on our head and says "ha, ya comfortable down there buddy?" This month I'm really going to try and take charge of our life a little more. I'm going to try to stop letting so much outside interference dictate where we will be, what we will be doing, etc. Sitting by our new wood-stove last night with Martin and watching the first fire of the season, I made up my mind for fall; Fall is going to be slower, eventful, rewarding, and most of all relaxing! 
necklace - handmade
signature t - ross  
leather skinnys - die hard
heels - steve madden

What are your resolves for fall? Also, what signature piece are you most excited about for fall? That pair of leather pants? Your knee-high boots? Scarves? Let me know in the comments below! 
Have a fantastic Tuesday ladies:)
xo, Emily

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  1. I love scarves but don't wear them often enough! Boots are also absolute musts for me. :-)

  2. Oh def my knee high boots! This is the first year I've been able to find a pair that fit my chicken legs! lol

  3. Your outfit is so simple but it's so elegant :)


  4. I am so jealous of your hair! great outfit too =)

  5. I like that you've made resolutions for the fall! This look is fantastic. I love those boots and your hair looks gorgeous!

  6. Replies
    1. aw thanks so much guys! ..I mean gals! :) you're the best support system:)

  7. I am lovely the leather pants. I think I need a pair. You are so gorgeous!!
    Almost Endearing

  8. Beautiful! How do you get that amazing curl. Tell me it's not natural! I'll be so jealous!

    1. haha no its all smoke and mirrors Kristy! haha I'm going to do a video tutorials soon on how I curl my hair. These curls are two days old however! haha Shhsh don't tell:)


  9. You look awesome in those leather pants and high heels--I don't think I could pull off the look myself, but I still love it!

  10. Scarves will be my pick. You look great on your leather pants, not everyone could rock it the way you do. Have a great day ahead!:)

  11. omg i want your hair!

    ...and those are some HOT heels

  12. I looooove your hair! Just LOVE it! Amazing looks, once again. You are back to perfect-body so soon :)

  13. Gorgeous outfit! Love everything about it!

  14. You are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the follow! Definitely a new follower <33

    I loveee you hair! Want to swap that?!

    xoxo Yesi @ For Miami and Love <33

  15. Beautiful! And amazing shoes :)
    btw... I am having my first GIVEAWAY in my blog and I wanted to invite you (and everybody) to take part in it :) It is easy :)
    xoxo, Press

  16. Seriously...there is no way you've had three kids! You look great!

  17. Dang girl, you are SMOKIN'! I love your outfits and how you always accent them with some bangin' heels! I just ordered a camo-green anorak that I'm excited to dress up! I also have a few pairs of riding boots that I get so excited to wear every year. Boots + tights = love!

  18. super cute outfit! but I have to say I am .loving. your hair! Mine is growing so PLEASE tell me how you get through the days of wanting to chop it off :) ha. you're a very pretty wife/mama!

  19. How can you wear that? Please share the secret to your metabolism. Oh, goodness, you make those pants look so good!!!

  20. U take all your pictures yourself?? You are an outstanding photographer! U could seriously model clothing for magazines;) you're so pretty!

  21. I just discovered your blog (as a fellow freckled girl, I couldn't resist!!) and I'm so impressed with the outfits you put together and the looks you rock as a mom. I love the range and creativity of your style... I'm just beginning to delve into this world of fashion/style blogs -- it's totally my distraction and escape -- and have been learning so much. Thanks for showing the possibilities for red hair/freckles!!

    My "beginner's blog":


  22. You have beautiful face and amazing hair! I really like your style :)
    Nice blog

    Kisses from Poland:*