Friday, September 21

FF #36

This week I found...

...this tasty looking recipe for rocky road brownies from betty crocker. I swear sometimes you just need to stick to the basics ya know? Basics is where its at:) besides, peanut butter?
brownies, brownies, brownies! 

...this slouchy sweater in this outfit. I wants! Its kinda different, but I love how big it is..
Fall Fashion - Polyvore

...this huge winter scarf! I've got my eye on this so back away.haha That is if the price drops by 3/4 or so:) What a lot of work though! and just in time...

huge scarf

...this cute shot of a bug on a road-trip! Mine won't look quite like this.haha With just me and the three kiddies, I'll be the car with goldfish and clothes flying out of the windows no doubt:)
Road trip anyone?

...this yummy yummy soup. I'm such a soup person. This one looks like a keeper!

Creamy Asparagus Soup

...this new to me song and video by Jack Johnson. Soft sweet, with a neat message.

...this aaaamazing outfit! More fun to me then practical. I'm a bit of a who-vien...:)
Doctor who fashion!

...this Vase of wild flowers. I know I keep saying it, but now its really here! Tomorrow people!! Really! You will be missed you hot and stuffy, yet eventful season:)

...this cute idea for a Halloween treat! Flavored mousse with whipped topping. Yum!
Yummy fall dessert

...this pair of Hot boots! I'm getting braver when it comes to fashion, but I'm still not this brave, especially since they go above the knee so high. I'm not a mini person.haha oh well!!
Christian Louboutin OTK leather boots shoes

Well those boots seem like a good place to stop.haha I've spent a lot of time on my butt on the computer lately, but its hard to see what I have to show for it! Oh well.haha

Here's to a more productive week!
xo, Emily

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  1. Great features! I am so in love with those boots.

  2. Great finds! I am a soup person as well, especially as the weather gets a little colder! Love the boots!

  3. that scarf!!!! I LOVE!

  4. O.K., seriously!? These are all cute!

    That candy corn treat = looks like fun! Though I don't like the sugar treat like I used to, must make these. (I was sold at the word "cheesecake.")

    Soup - love it! Just made one of my faves; an Italian soup plus broccoli soup with garden grown broccoli. Yum! My dad loves asparagus so I should make this soup just for him. :-)

    That over packed 'bug' is SO cute! Love it.

    Over-sized sweaters: One can never have too many. ;-)

    Happy road-tripping.

  5. I love Jack Johnson Angel so much!!

  6. Oooo, those high boots are AH-MA-ZING! And I'm a big fan of the slouchy sweater as well. Yet another great edition of FF :)

  7. I love the food pics :)

  8. OOOooo- Now I'm going to have to rock a Whovian outfit like that one! Great finds, as always :D


  9. oh those boots! i think they are perfect for an afternoon stroll in kimberly! ;) xo