Sunday, August 26

Weekend Wrap-up

This Week: Martin comes home today! Wow I feel like such a wimp, but two weeks is like six forevers when you're by yourself with three little babies. Usually when he leaves I just slow down and wait for him to get back, but this time because the time kept getting extended, I found myself having to work back into our usual routine, which was probably for the best. All around, it was a good time, and I learned a lot about what I am (and am not) capable of on my own:) Here's to one big reunited family! hooray!  
Weekly Snapshots: from time spent (while the kids napped) focusing on the small things; new cameras, library adventures, craft supplies, nerd glasses, and the tiniest baby features.

Next Week: Well I'm still looking forward to the road trip I was promised, and catching up on laundry, oh and that hair trim got pushed off aswell:) I'm also hoping for some much needed girl time with my buddy, a few treats that have been in my head to try out, a date night or two (or three  or four) with my long lost husband, and I seriously need to catch up on sleep! Believe it or not I'm one of those people that actually DO catch up quite often, but its been a few months or so since thaat's happened... Wish me luck in this coming week! :) 
Most popular post of the week: Actually my Pre-fall Plaid Outfit was the most popular. You guys are simply the sweetest support system ever! Thanks for makin' a girl feel good:)
Favorite video/song of the week: just what I needed, when I needed it:)
A Few Facts: 
  • I was Pippy Longstalking for Halloween when I was 9. Horizontal braids and all:)
  • My favorite place to eat out is a local Sushi place. Such a treat!
  • I watched The Vow this week and thought it was frustrating, and kinda cute:)
  • I've had a little thing lately for Otter-pops. I know, what am I 5?
Enjoy these last few days of August left ladies and gents, and go to bed early tonight! haha Take care!
xo, Emily

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  1. Great photos :)

  2. I am loving the black & white photos for the weekend wrap-up! And I agree, the Vow was frustrating and cute all in one! Glad your husband is back!


  3. Those black and white snapshots are so stunning! I seriously love black and white photography when it's done right... and girl, you totally did it right! :) <3

    Pippy Longstocking for Halloween! how cute. I was Cinderella when I was little for about four years in a row. Yeah, I loved that Disney princess. ;)

  4. Always love your pictures! I'd LOVE to see a photo of you as a 9 year old Pippy Longstocking! :)

  5. I was Pippi Longstocking last year at our preschool class Halloween party :)

  6. hey Emily, thanks for visiting my blog
    those r amazing shots.. following u nw, follow me back if u like :)

  7. Thank you so much for be a new follower, I really like your blog and I'm a new follower too.
    Awesome tutorials!

  8. I CANNOT believe summer is almost over but at the same time I will welcome fall with open arms. :-)

    Aw! I love The Vow. It was SO sweet - I found Leo's determination to win back his wife endearing but I know a lot of people think his decision was "selfish." I saw it as selfless and the couple come to realize that sometimes, love is a choice.

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  10. Yay for your husband being home again! Although it's nice to feel independent once in a while! :) x

  11. cool pics..