Tuesday, August 21

September Sponsor Call

Oh so hey all you beautiful creatures out there, wanna sponsor Life etc is September? Its going to be such a great month! I have so many fun things planned already. I'll be bringing a lot of new blog features and ideas to the table, trying a lot of new things (but keeping all the fabulous old stuff), stepping outside my comfort zone a bit, and I would love to have you participate in all the blog love goodness!!
With my traffic doubling, then nearly tripling in the last two months, it has never been a better time to advertise your new, growing or already established blog, shop or business with Life, etc! August is the last month before I raise my prices again (in order to better reflect my recent spike in traffic), so make sure you lock in the current rates for next month (or future months) while prices are still sizzling! Also, I will also be adding sponsor feature and spotlight posts, and sponsor giveaway options for the three larger ads, so visit my sponsor page for my email address and we can get started!

As far as openings, there are a few of the three smaller sizes available, including a couple large, but the XL Ad space is already booked for September and October! If you're interested in booking the XL or another size at the spankin current rate for future months, hurry on over! Remember that the XL is the prime spot on the blog, always at the top (all other ads are shuffled throughout the month) and always the first to get noticed. Also keep in mind that more people are on their computers in the winter months, so consider booking ahead for the holidays.

Well I think I've covered everything so really, what are you waiting for? If you would like to view my current statistics, read more about the space options, or get my email address for questions and purchasing its all right here!

hope to hear from you soon!
xo, Emmy

P.S. For those of you that have asked about when I'll add passionfruit. Many people are switching to passionfruit ads these days, and while I can definitely see myself changing over in the near future, right now I'm just not willing to give up that one on one time with my sponsors through emailing back and forth, even if it means a little more free time. I just really appreciate really getting to know my sponsors on a more personal level. That's it:)

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  1. Congrats on the growth! Here's to another upcoming successful month!

    Have a lovely day!