Monday, August 13

Mixed Tape #9

Here is this months mixed tape dearies!! I'm so excited about this post, because not only to I love sharing some music with you, I love picking up new tunes from friends and hearing your recommendations! We're huge music people here at our house, it plays none stop really, so we're always looking for more good beats and lyrics. Feel free to share!

This month's mix is inspired by the hustle and bustle of late summer, when everying's making sure they fit in all their summer plans. I always find myself listening to fast-paced strong beats about this time. 
So, without further ado here's a few of my current favorite beats, mixed with some good lyrics, and even one for youbeliebers out there! haha
Once again in case you're new, all the songs are lined up randomly in a "mix tape" format with a link to the YouTube video, and again don't judge me because of the videos, just enjoy the music!
1. young folks - peter, bjorn & john
2. reptilia - the strokes
 3.  grenade - bruno mars 
 4. on the radio - regina spektor
 5. freedom - akon
 6. maps - yeah yeah yeahs
beautiful disasterjon mcLaughlin
8. boyfriend - justin bieber

1. sail - awolnation
2. price tag - xenia 
3. never gonna happen - lily allen
4. a la menthe - la caution
5. stereo hearts - gym class heroes
6. the middle - jimmy eat world 
7. tighten upthe black keys
8. the only exception - paramore

Well I hope you've enjoyed what you've heaard! there was a wide variety of genres I know, but I think there was something for everyone. Find a new song or artist that you really enjoy? I'd love to hear! Also again, feel free to recommend a favorite song or two for us to listen to in the comments section! 
Have a terrific week everybody! 
xoxo, Emily

P.S. If you'd like to see any of the other mixed tapes I've done here on the blog, just click here:)


  1. This is awesome! First time I've read any of these and majority of those songs I haven't even heard of. It's nice to have a wide variety of music!


  2. adorable post my darling!!
    many kisses from,

  3. I love all these songs! Surprisingly I even love the Beiber song.
    Regina Spektor rules. Have you heard her version of "little boxes" from weeds?

  4. thank you so much for your lovely comment..fantastic blog ofc I will follow u back..keep in touch xx Ania

  5. Yaaay music! I shall listen to these whilst browsing tumblr. :D

  6. I saw you at Stake Conference yesterday and I was gonna go say hi, but my sister was getting mad at me and telling me we had to leave! So..hi! Also, the song The Girl by City and Colour is a favorite right now! For sure. :)

  7. thank you so much honey :))
    and you've got really nice blog!
    it's so cute
    and the most i like the song of paramore:)
    and i love your pics:)

  8. Love your picks of songs, especially the black keys and Regina spektor. I'm following you as well. :-D

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  11. Mix tapes are an essential part of summer! I love the track listing!

  12. Love your mix and I LOVE all the "tapes" you have as photos for these posts! So fun. Just found you, but I'm totally flipping through the rest of your mixes.

    the Reverie blog

  13. Love this idea! great mix of songs!

  14. wow Emily, your blog is so original, thanks for inviting me here.
    i will be back soon

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  17. This is so cool! Great choices!
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  18. What a cute post! Right music can make day better!

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  23. Love the choices of music. It's so eclectic :)

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  24. Great idea and wide variety.. Thanks for sharing -- will surely look for them..

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  25. Great idea! Mix tapes are awesome & so is finding new bands / music. Thanks so much for the follow! I'm following you now ;)

  26. Great post!, you have an amazing blog!, i follow you now :), kisses.

  27. Always great to discover some new songs. Do you know the english band Dry the River ? I love them..

  28. emily...this is freakin awesome...i'm so mad I didn't think of doing this...this has to be done as a link up...think of all the mix taped that would be floating around...what do you think??...let's get this going!