Monday, July 9

What I Wore // Navy, pearls, and curls

Happy Monday! We've discussed before how much I love Monday's, so I'm just going to give you an outfit and a few notes, then I'll be off to start more laundry, turn on Pandora Radio, and basically rock out doing the dishes:)  
head to toe:
Illusion dress -c/o Sugarlips
Silver Pearls - Kenneth Cole 
 Heels - F24 
Dear toffee brownies, please get up and walk out of my kitchen. I don't care where you go, but you simply can't stay here or I will keep eating you for breakfast. You've been warned.
Dear Johnny-boy, 5 weeks old and you've still never peed on me when I'm changing your diaper! Mommy is so proud of her little gentlman:) (knock on wood) And to think I was so scared of all those fountain stories.haha Lets keep it up baby, cuz I hear this is some sort of growing record. xoxo 
Dear Centurylink, I'm not racist, but I would appreciate you hiring at least one or two customer service reps who speak English. I think I'm actually losing my voice after so many hours on the phone saying "I'm sorry, what was that?? I'm sorry, can you repeat that??" 
Dear lover-pants, you're so sexy when you talk fashion with me, especially lately during those late project runway episodes when you say things like "that chiffon makes her look so large" or "just think how perfect that would be with some red heels", I mean come on. COuld you be more perfect for me?
Dear Boy-scout camp, You will pay for taking my husband away from his wife and three kids for a week. Pay I tell you! Okay so its not a full week, but you're still a gonner.
Dear jewelry store attendee, I may have had a little bow in my hair, but that's no excuse to call me 'little girl' on the phone with your superior. Next time go with 'gorgeous, young-looking lady' or something, please:)
Dear sunset, thank you for lasting till just after the kiddies go to bed, its so nice to enjoy you for a bit with the hubby once we're all alone if you know what I mean:)
Dear Readers, You're simply the greatest. Hands down. And I know Monday's aren't the best for most other people on the planet, so have a good one and come back soon!
Sincerely, Emily


  1. Hi Emily! I'm so glad you found my blog because now I get to follow yours! :) Newest follower. I hope you're having a great Monday.
    {then there was us}

  2. Seriously. HOW are you so skinny after just having another baby!

    You look adorable!

  3. love your hair *-* ... and your outfit of course :)
    have a nice monday :*

  4. the navy is really beautiful on you - it's a stunning color, really. and those gray heels are lovely.

  5. You seriously look gorgeous! I love this entire outfit and you have the prettiest hair! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. I love it! These are gorgeous pictures!!!
    -Tiny Texan

  7. have a 5 weeks look SUPER! Love the entire outfit! love those heels the most!

  8. Gosh your the most fashionable, good looking mother I know! You look stunning! Such great hair too <3


  9. these are such gorgeous pictures! you are beautiful! I pinning one of your pictures and hair inspiration!

  10. LOVE your hair!!

  11. You seriously look good for having a 5 week old. I wish I could be like that.

    The outfit is adorable.

  12. Oh how I luv the shoes!!!! I'm a bit obsessive about shoes, and those are one fantastic pair! Love it (+the hair)!!

  13. Loving not JUST the outfit but everything about this post!!


  14. In love with the whole outfit! And your hair looks great.

    I totally agree with you about centrylink. It drives me nuts when I can't understand a word they are saying. That's horrible of me I'm sure!

    My son never peed on me either so I would say you ate safe :)

  15. You look great! Check out Songza (so many more songs than Pandora!) I love it!

  16. LOVE the dress!...and the shoes! And your hair color! Is it natural?

  17. Lovely letters. Lovely outfit. Lovely girl. Seriously you look so good!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  18. aw, Thank you so much for the sweet compliments!!

    @lindsey, thanks for the tip! I'll for sure give songza a try!

    @little lady Yes its natural! I've been too scared to ever dye my hair, but I'm thinking of going for some highlights or something soon, what do you think? :)

  19. holy guacamole your stomach is flat. sheesh. you look fabulous girl!

  20. You look gorgeous, as usual...and hello hot mama, I don't think anyone would ever know that you just had a baby! You look incredible!! Happy Monday (well, Tuesday...) to you!

  21. As always, Emily - lovely post. :-)

  22. HI!
    How are you so thin after just having another baby!?

    I read your blog every day! it`s very nice!

    Kisses from Argentina!


  23. Love the whole emsemble, especially those shoes!

  24. I'm so excited you found my blog and became a follower. I am officially your newest! Also, you look absolutely stunning in this! The shoes are my fave!