Friday, July 27

Friday Finds #28

This week I found...

...this amazing outfit from polyvore. Love everything about it, and so perfect for summer! I must give something like this a try. 
Nautical Themed Outfit:)

...this totally cute DIY tie necklace from Melissa of the bees knees. Isn't she just so creative?! I've never ever seen anything like that before.  So fun.

...this deliciously refreshing recipe for rainbow popcycles! Yummy. I think my mouth just started watering for some sweet frozen-ness. 

...this fairy print from the laughing elephant.  I just think of vintage water babies or something. very sweet:)
Bubbles Editor: Blue Lantern Publishing Fairies Flowers Illustrator: Ida Rentoul Outhwaite Imprint: Laughing Elephant'

...this yummy recipe for caramel brownie bites! Mmmm. I've been on a little bit of a caramel kick lately and I llove the look of these from Gonna try!

...this pair of strappy heels from I really love this color right now, and the straps are very on trend for summer. Lovely!
strappy suede heels

...this lady looks like she's in for a fabulous vacation. just stick a hubby in the front seat and a few kiddies in the back and that'd be me. I so need a summer vacation! haha

...this mindblowing project from Elroy Clee. I had to take a second and third look!

...this summer dessert from I love me some pomegranates and this looks like the prefect use of them!
Summer Dessert

...this wonderful and natural alternative to laundry detergent! I just discovered these this past week for the first time and I am on a quest to hoard a bunch. neato!
Soap Nuts --- Laundry "Soap"!

...this picture has me so excited about the farmers markets starting this weekend. Can't wait to taste the fresh and local fruits and veggies. Oh and the goat cheese! ugh, its the best.
Farmers' Market

What exciting things are you planning for this weekend?
xo, Em


  1. Drooling over everything in this post! Those caramel brownie bites look delicious! And that outfit is stunning - love the nautical theme!

  2. Thank you for sharing the tie necklace Emily! So sweet of you.

  3. Aaaaaaand there goes my diet... haha

  4. Been using soap nuts for awhile, love them. They get all my messy boy's clothes squeaky clean.

  5. @anonymous, I need to find a good place to get the soap nuts! cuz I want lots:)

    and I know @emily, I'm so bad I always find the best looking desserts and I can't help myself!

  6. Omg beautiful. I'm your new follower, hope you follow me too :)

  7. Omg beautiful. I'm your new follower, hope you follow me too :)

  8. I actually have that dress from the first picture and it's amazing! It's so comfy and but dressy!! I recommend it! :)

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I love that first outfit!! And omg those shoes!! I want! And now I wanna go make those brownie bites. YUM! :) have a great weekend! xo

  10. I love all those navy items from first picture :)

  11. Great pictures, they've made my mood up)

  12. Love that outfit! I'm obsessed with nautical clothes and accessories.

  13. Those wedges are stunning! Followed you, follow us back? :)

  14. haha that is a very cute tie necklace :)

  15. Looks like you're in for an amazing weekend! Those fruits in the last photo are making my mouth water!!! Also, amazing stripy heels and the photo of the lady on vacation is *:*

    My Own Project

  16. I get mine on Amazon. And this is April, but it won't let me sign in for some lame reason. :D

  17. Great desserts yummy .. I love the sandals