Tuesday, June 5

Color of the month:: Khaki

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Okay so I've been on a bit of a khaki kick lately. I just love the way it makes everything look and feel so organic and natural! Its also great with most skin tones oddly enough, and even though its not a bright spring color and more of a fall, I choose to see it as the rustic color of nature at its best:) The bad thing is that when I get on a color kick and start seeing things I love everywhere, it can get very hard to get them out of my head! Lucky for me though, and for you I like to think *wink* I have my color of the month for June to share with you a few of those wonderful things that I just can't seem to let go of!

This week I found...

...this outfit combo. I just love the comfort feel of it all! Chambry, those sandels, even the bag looks comfy to carry.haha Yummy!!

...this set of three khaki variations nail polishes from the Chanel line Les Khakis De Chanel. Aren't they just gorgeous?
Khaki Brun, Khaki Vert, Khaki Rose.

...this amazing laptop bag from anchor devision. I know i'm stretching it a bit with the khaki theme, but I think its totally hot.haha
Pinned Image

...this recipe for Frozen Peanut Butter Pie. See, I knew there was another reason that I chose khaki for this month! Peanut butter is bassicaly the most amazing thing to me right now, but even if it wasn't, look at this pie!!
Frozen Peanut Butter Pie

...this comfy comfy looking maxi skirt from Can I say it again? Comfy!

...this bedroom. Oh how I adore the color in a bedroom! or anywhere in a house actually. Parlor, nursery, bathroom, you name it!

...these fun strappy heels from charlotte russe! I don't think I own a pair of heels that have so much detail in them, maybe its time to change that? haha
This is a cool design

...this print of dresses from 1959. I love the part about the price being 'tiny', and the part that says 'Especially styled for your half-size figure':) bahaha!
Elegantly lovely summer dresses from 1959. I really like the navy blue and beige lace ones. #vintage #dress #retro #fashion #1950s #dress #summer #hat #gloves

...this Peanut butter Cream Pie from Tonya Staab. There's no recipe that I could see, but its sure a beauty to look at! (if you're crazy about peanut butter like me:)) Maybe its good there's no recipe...
Peanut Butter Cream Pie

...k so then I actually found a khaki bathroom...with a clawfoot tub. Yeah.
beige and beige

...these burlap retro family buttons from etsy. Love that the mom is kniotting and the daughter is washing the dishes! haha cute and fun don't you think?:)
Handmade Fabric Buttons - Large Beige Red Blue Retro Family Handmade Fabric Buttons 1.5 Inch 5's

Hope you've enjoyed the collection!! And that you've had a great morning so far. I'm off to the kitchen to make me some frozen peanut butter pie! Don't you even say a word:)
xoxo, Emily


  1. Emily,
    I truly enjoyed scrolling through your blog! I'm a new follower via a few media outlets :) Thanks for visiting me over at Cave Princess.

    Krista Morgan

  2. love all these things!! especially the maxi skirt and the cute shoes!

  3. Loving everything! That maxi skirt is perfect!

  4. Loving everything! That maxi skirt is perfect!

  5. Hi Emily! Thank you for stopping by on my blog and signing on my followers panel!

    Now, with that 'outfit combo' I will go out and wear them with the 'laptop bag' and walk on the beach or somewhere lovely like the park and sit down and have a coffee while typing a new post on my blog and make comments to lovely blogs like yours and then go to the saloon and have my nails done with that gorgeous 'Khaki Rose'.

    And then I would go home and have a slice of 'peanut butter pie' while laying and having a relaxation time in that lovely 'khaki bathroom' before I go out to have dinner with friends wearing that lovely 'exquisite lace' partnered by that sexy 'strappy heels from charlotte russe' and go home and tucked myself in that 'bedroom' and have a lovely dream on wearing that 'maxi skirt' for my craft lesson, learning to make those beautiful and cute 'burlap retro family buttons'.

    I had a relaxing time making up this story!

    Thanks! Such lovely collections!

    Ning x : )

  6. My new favorite shoes are my khaki peep toe heels with pearls around the toes. They go with everything! Love the bathroom!!!

  7. how super bomb! love love love love love everything!

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