Wednesday, June 13

Hair Tutorial // Braided Bangs

Morning ladies! Today I'm super stoked to show you how to do the braided bang look! This style is really great with your hair up or down which makes it great for any season! I prefer it in summer however, on those really hot days when you want something a little more special than a messy top knot, but you also wanna beat the heat! 
I received a very sweet email request for this hair style after this post, and was excited when the sender said she's is growing out her bangs and was looking for an idea of getting a little fancy around her face every now and than. I knew this was the one! 
A braid worn as side-swept "bangs" is one of my new favorite hairstyles. It's really just a variation on a french braid, only easier because you only add hair to one side! Here you have it:
Supplies used:
  • comb or brush (or both)
  • one hair tie
Step 1. Start with relativly straight 'old' hair (meaning with product for hold:)). Take a comb and draw a line from right above one ear, swooping back into a half moon shape and down the other side to the tip of your opposite ear. Brushing from one side to the other. Don't brush forwards unless you want the braid to look thin. This is your new bang section.
Step 2. Tie the rest of your hair that you're not using into bun or clip out of the way at the nape of your neck. Take a little chunk from the side your bang section to your hairline. These are the kind of sections you will take from now on - sort of like pieces of a pie (really, really thin pieces of pie:)).  Seperate this chunk into three pieces and start to braid.
Step 3. Continue braiding, each twist adding to your braid by taking one more 'pie' piece  sections that go from the same point on the top of your bang section all the way to your hairline. This is where you're adding hair only to one side of your french braid (duh:)).
Step 4. As you braid, keep looking into a mirror with your head strait upright to make sure that the hair is all coming from your scalp part to the braid in the samedirection (meaning you can have then straight, or curved, just make sure they all match:)) Continue braiding even after you've run out of hair to add by your ear. Braid down to the end of your hair and tie with a mini elastic. Tuck the braid behind your ear, and you're done!
At this point there's no end:) you can:

  • Simply thicken up your braid by pulling some out of each side (think drama),
  • Curl or flat iron your hair and leave it out,
  • Tuck your braid into a messy bun,
  • Wrap it up the back of your head into a top knot,

Whatever you want! I'll certainly be doing this with lots of varioations all summer, fall, and beyond:) 
Feel free to pin and share, and be sure and let me know if you decide to try it! I love hearing feedback!
Take care today darlings:)
xoxo, Em


  1. sooo gorgeous!! will HAVE to try this!!!! :)


  2. Braids seem quite popular these days... I loved your braided headband. I was just thinking the other day that I needed to do that one again! :-)

    Thanks for doing these, Emily!

  3. Love this!!! I always wondered how people go the braid so far forward. Now I know! xoxo A-

  4. that is sooooooooooooo cute!

  5. Love love love this. So gonna do this for parties.