Tuesday, May 22

Calling All Sponsors!

Happy Tuesday my lovelies! I only just realized that it's already the 22th of the month and high time to let out a little call for sponsors who want to be my friend for the month of June! haha well in a way I suppose:) Already a bunch of you have jumped on the bandwagon and purchased your spot for the coming month, and a big thank you to those of you who did!! 
Because of this little tator tot that's going to be making an appearance anytime now, as a special treat, any and all sponsor spots purchased for the coming month will be placed within 24 hours of that purchase!  
If you're not familiar with the statistics of Life, etc, take a peek at the Sponsor page. There you can email me for more information. I would LOVE to have you as a sponsor this month! But you must hurry, the XL ad is already booked, but there are a few large and medium left still so grab one before they're gone!! 

Right now my rates are pretty killer I gotta say, and I plan on bringing the party to Life etc every day I possibly can. So, celebrate with me...?
Look forward to getting to know you darlings better!
xoxo, Emily

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