Sunday, March 25

Weekend Wrap-Up

This Week: We had a fun full week! Sophie started waving every time we or anyone says hi or bye, and this morning she said "hi" back to me when I got her out of bed. So fun:) We had a fun dinner date with martins parents, Ellie had a really fun little birthday party with lots of cousins and friends, Martin threw his back out really bad and its not been getting much better. Fingers crossed! I had a midwife appointment and looks like baby is doing great! Good strong heartbeat and measuring perfectly. Only about 9 more weeks! Phew!

Weekly Snapshots: Sophie's many faces while eating noodles:)
Weeks Favorite: Daddy-daughter nap

Next Week: Next week I'm looking forward to a little work vacation with the family, meaning that we leave on our vacation so nothing can get in the way of our work.haha  Martin will be working full speed ahead on his new novel, and I'll be working to stock up the 'ol shop, and get some much needed sewing done. In addition I'm looking forward to lots of fun blog planning and possible girl time with my bestie.

Most popular post of the week: My zucchini fritter recipe. Think I'm gonna make some right now!

A Few Facts: 
  • I've never permanently dyed my hair.
  • This week I discovered a new love of ice-cream cake!
  • We're hopefully getting our fence put in the back yard very soon! 
Good luck in the coming week everyone!!
xo, Emily


  1. sophie makes looks noodles look pretty scrumptious!
    xx jes

  2. OH. MY. GOSH! How cute are these pictures, Emily!

    Sophie = adorable. =)

    (Such a pretty name, too.)

  3. Awwhh. Love that second picture!!! :)