Sunday, March 4

on staying organized

Whew! I feel like I've been non-stop lately. Between keeping up with my shop products, editing photo-shoots, managing the housework and chores, deadlines, this blog and all its components, chasing after my two energetic girly's all day, catching up on emails, keeping up with custom orders, trying to remind myself that I'm seven months pregnant, hosting family groups, and more and more little things that fill in the cracks and take up my whole day, I feel like I've been getting to be a little uninteresting on here! I just really wish there was more time to do all the things I want to do ya know?

Sometimes I wonder how I don't just go crazy and throw up my hands in resignation, but than I remember that this wonderfully full life is all designed by me! This is how I really like it! That even though life may feel rushed and hectic, that if I can stay organized through it all than I will be able to fit even more into my schedule and still have time to smell the flowers along the way. 
I've been realizing more and more lately that I'm pretty darn good at multitasking.  Not that I never have to struggle to keep my head above water, but most days I feel like I can get a whole lot done at once and I actually hadn't even considered it multitasking until recently because it's just how I am.  People have asked me a lot lately "how do you have time to do all this?"... Honestly, sometimes I don't even know.haha But usually it comes down to the fact that I know what has to be done and what I want to see done, than make sure it gets done! Most importantly though, it helps that I love being a wife and mom, that I love keeping my mind busy and utilizing my skills, and that I try very hard to be organized.

A few things I do to stay organized:

  • Checklists: they're the most important thing to me. All of my jobs, goals, personal tasks, orders, daily chores and everything else in-between goes on checklists. Its the best way I can be sure that I won't forget a single thing and the only way I can get any sleep at night! 
  • Notes: kind of along the same line as checklists, but keeping copious notes of the progress of each goal or task helps me see where I'm making progress and where I need to work a bit harder. Very important in helping my feel like I'm getting ahead!
  • Meal plans: we eat everyday right? several times a day right? To me, meals are the biggest time sucker of them all! Because not only are they all day long, but the prep and the clean-up are so unpredictable, especially with two little ones. Take the time each week (or month even!) to plan out a rough draft of what you're going to eat everyday that week. It'll make grocery shopping a cinch too!
  • Schedules: boy oh boy where would I be without daily, weekly, and monthly schedules! Having good solid schedule is so SO important! It doesn't mean its set in stone, but it'll save you so much brain pain! Every Sunday the hubby and I sit down and plan out our week together, this helps us be on the same page. Every night I write out my daily schedule for the next day, and my blogging schedule helps me be sure that I'm providing top notch content! What could be more important than that right? 
  • Prioritizing: a pretty big deal when my day is full to the brim. If I have a spare ten minutes (which I only have when I schedule!) than I have a little list of tiny jobs like filing receipts or knocking out that blog button.  I have grown pretty accustomed to working fast... which also means I get more done in a shorter period of time and have more time for those little breaks. and last but not least,
  • Organizing!: Who'd have thought of that one? But seriously though, nothing helps me stay sane like having a well categorized and organized work space and office. Ever since I was little even I like things to be color coded and symmetrical. Books with books, pens with pens, thread with thread. Nothing makes me feel organized like a nice rainbow line of thread:)

I feel a bit hypocritical giving out these tips when I'm not the best at keeping my own advice, but really if you ever get overwhelmed with tasks, just slow down, take a break and plan ahead.  Make a small list and cross things off as you go.  You really can make multitasking a part of your life, and once you get the hang of it, it won't even feel like you're intentionally multitasking!

I know that even though I have a lot on my plate right now, staying organized is the key to staying in control, while getting the most out of my day and not feeling like I'm getting behind. When those days come, which they will and frequently do, I just have to remind myself to take it one step at a time and take a deep breath. Here's to another busy busy week ahead!

What's something you do to stay organized?
xo, Emmy


  1. I think I need to copy you on a few things to stay organized. haha
    Oh, by the way, I tagged you in a post - it's the "11 Randoms." You're totally welcome to fill it out and tag other bloggers if you'd like to but you don't have to. :) Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you!

  2. I love reading how other people stay organized. Always so interesting. I am the same way, ever since I was a child, I loved to organize and keep things tidy and orderly. Checklists/personal agenda planner is probably the one thing that really help me to prioritize and help keep me sane. It lets me not worry about forgetting what I have left to do, because I know I can just look in my planner. Thanks for sharing your tips. I love your idea of sitting down with your hubby and setting up your weekly schedule. Great idea!

  3. Ahhh, this is the perfect post for me to find today! I'm trying so hard to get organized but it's just overwhelming. Thanks!!

  4. Thanks for the thought Karm you're so sweet! I'll have to try out the post, it sounds like a lot of fun!

    and thank you Caroline for the tip! Is there a special kind of planner/agenda you like to use or find to be the most effective? I'd love to add a planner to my purse! haha thanks lady!

  5. I checklist, meal plan and LIVE by my planner. I'm an organization freak!