Tuesday, March 6

Color of the month:: Emerald

Happy Irish month! Phew, I almost forget about doing my color of the month! I remembered in the nick of time as you can see however, and seeing as how march is St. Patrick's month, I felt both a little obligated and pleased to present this month's color as Emerald Green! And what a fantastic color choice this turned out to be! I'm sure you will agree when you see this collection of images that I find both lovely and inspiring in the new color for this month. Enjoy! :

HandSpun Merino Wool Yarn Forest Vine green brown violet 177 yards 4.4 ounces

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60s chair, green + chevron

Green elephant print satchel

green tea macaroons
I hope these have left you feeling inspired to go get your green on!! Go check out the past few color of the month posts here if you wish:)

Have a lovely lovely day!
Xo, Emmy


  1. Gorgeous color, love that skirt and bag :)

  2. I love emerald green... so festive too (:

  3. I love the color and wish I could wear it. I put it on and I look like a boogy. But I love to see it on other people, its so classic.

  4. haha you crack me up:) I'm sure you look awesome! I never liked the color with my bright red hair when i was little, too christmas-y or something, but as its gotten darker I think its better, but I don't know. Maybe I'll have to do a festive outfit and see what people think!! lol

  5. Green is my favorite color and I love this post! Those macaroons look divine!