Sunday, February 26

Todays ABC's

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Happy Sunday darlings:) For some reason a few days ago I just wrote out the alphabet, and than I wrote out the first thing that came to my mind that started with each letter. I started with A and worked my way down, and it was fun! Maybe if you're inspired to write out a list of your own current 'ABC's you could leave a link! Anyways, here are mine:

A is for art
B is for books
C is for creating
D is for drives
E is for exercise
F is for friends
G is for girls
H is for health
I is for innocence
J is for jokes
K is for kilts
L is for learning
M is for music
N is for nearness
O is for organic
P is for prayer
Q is for quiet
R is for reading
S is for sunlight
T is for time
U is for understanding
V is for vacation
W is for walking
X is for detoX:)
Y is for yielding
Z is for zest

Remember it has to be the first thing that comes to your mind, and you have to just start with A and work your way down one letter at a time, or your list won't be as spontaneous:) 

Have a fabulous remainder of your weekend!!
Xoxo, Emily


  1. Hi Emily!
    I just wanted to say that I love your blog and I'm so glad you linked me to it. You're an amazing photographer and your family is so beautiful! I will probably write out my own alphabet, inspired by this post, just to see what I find the most important. I don't know, I thought this post was cool. (:
    Have an amazing day and keep blogging & I promise I'll keep reading.

  2. wow!!! Cool idea,,,Might give it a try! lol

  3. wow!!! Cool idea,,,Might give it a try! lol

  4. I like this! I just did it and my brain came up with some random words! haha

  5. Really cool idea...great blog u have.I just found ur blog and ur blog really impress mee.
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  6. what a great blog post! I love this idea! I'll definitely have to do it.